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End to New Symptoms?
9 Replies
LiccleMonster - December 20

Hi all, i was reading a few posts on the forum and thought it would be a good idea to post on here.

As of now i have had the same symptoms mostly all the time (nearly 3 years) but recently i have been having the burning sensation in my toes, mainly my liccle toe. The burning sensation isnt new but the place which burns is.

I can understand the pains in my body, especially with having 2 kids who like to wrestle :oD but this burning is something i never had before (in my toes) and just want to know if there is a point where no new sypmtoms will appear or the symptoms will just carry on getting worse without a point where it all stops.

Sorry for the essay,


axxie - December 20

Hi LiccleMonster

Burning feet, numb toes, or tingling in your toes or feet are more than an annoying symptom.

These symptoms can point to thyroid problems, nutritional deficiencies, back problems and pinched nerves in the ankles.

Diabetes is also a cause for concern, it's the leading cause of these symptoms in the US. One out of four people with diabetes are undiagnosed, and burning or tingling toes may be the first symptom you notice.


LiccleMonster - December 20

Hi Axxie,

I have had check ups for diabetes, that is defo not a problem and the tingling i have had many times, mainly my lower legs and fingers and occasionally my toes, but this burning i had yesterday was enough to make others aware i was in pain.

I do have a very high tolerance to pain, thats why i asked this question and am thankful u answered so quickly. I have not met anyone else who has fibro and am grateful i found this site, i just wish i knew more about it so i know how i could tell if my symptoms are going to progress or just stay as they are.

I have heard people keep a journal, thats why i hoped some of you would be able to answer.


Fantod - December 20

LiccleMonster - Welcome to the group! You might be experiencing nerve pain which is one of the many "perks" of FMS. I read your other posts that say you have bulging disc and the source of your problem is likely that. Degenerative disc disease will cause numbness and tingling in your feet. The sooner you see someone about this the better.

Unfortunately, there is no set formula on if Fibromyalgia will progress or not. Most of us will tell you that is very variable on a daily basis. This makes it difficult to plan anything. Once in a while, someone will have a pain free day but this is rare. Most of us are on different medication regimens too which makes standardizing treatment for this syndrome impossible. You pretty much have to take it as it comes and hope for the best. Take care.


LiccleMonster - December 20

I think u have me mixed up with someone else there Fantod, i dont have degenerative disc disease, well as i know off lol, I know that the pain free days are rare, even having less pain is rare.

Thanks for the reply though on this subject, i just wish that there was no new syptoms, its getting to a point where i cant even walk without being in pain. The thing that is worrying me is the fact i am currently searching for work, but because of fibro its really limited (i tried workin at UPS on the vans to unload and was not a gd experience).

After reading a lot of posts on here on how others fibro is really bad i feel grateful at the fact im not that bad, yet, and yet i also feel bad at the same time. I wish that i could help others but at this moment it is me who is seeking help from this forum.

Happy Holidays,


Fantod - December 20

Whoops - I read two posts at once and got my wires crossed. So, now I'm sticking with nerve pain. I have it due to degenerative disc disease but other people get it for no apparent reason.

If you are having trouble walking, you may have bursitis in your hips. That is another common perk with Fibromyalgia (FMS). I have it in both shoulders and hips. You should be evaluated for it too.

I've been disabled since 2007 and am on SSD. There is no way I could work. I'd be nominated as the worlds worst employee by day 2.

You could try Curamin which is a homeopathic remedy for pain. For this application it comes in a highly purifed form in capsules. You can find it online or at any decent healthfood store. I use it twice a day and it really helps with breakthrough pain and stiffness.

Good luck with your job search. Happy Holidays to you too!


LiccleMonster - December 21

Thnx for the reply, you guys are probably more helpfull than the doctors themselves.

The problem with my walking isnt so much myhips, its the pain i have around my knees (not actually my knee) and my legs ache as if i ran miles n miles. Its because of this pain i am having trouble walking, u know what its like when you bang ur foot and u you limp, well its the same thing.

Throug all the tests ive had they couldnt find anything wrong and at first they thought i had MS (multiple sclerosis) but finally they figured it out and put me on Lyrica for the fibro.

Anyways to end this as i could talk for hours with you guys, i am awaiting a new doctor as my family doctor has retired and as soon as thats done (after new year) i will be asking them to increase the dosage of the lyrica and amitriptyline as they seem to be having less effect.

Hopefully you all have a wonderfull christmas and a happy new year with as less pain as possible.



axxie - December 22

Have you or do you have any orthodics for your shoes. It could be that you need some. Maybe you have gained weight, or just don't stand up straight, we tend to hunch over when we are in pain. You may not even know that you are doing it. Orthododics for shoes are great, they tend to take care of kneees, hips, spine and back problems. Or maybe you have ortho in your shoes and you tend to slide when you walk, that is a sign that you need new ones.


axxie - December 22

Burning feet, many possible causes, including TrPs, tight shoes, circulatory dysfunction, and neuropathy can all contribute. Blood sugar problems, medications, pollutant exposure, and liver problems may add to this symptoms. Burning feet at night that cause you to kick off the covers, followed by relief, has been considered a sign of neuro-transmitter imbalance. In this instance, the feet are not the origin of the pain, only the area to which the pain is referred. Choose comfortable shoes that can breathe. Make sure they fit well and are in good repair. Exercise your feet, and soak and massage them periodically.


LiccleMonster - December 23

Yeha my doctor has noticed that i tend to lean over and thats prob why my back is so bad but i am currently trying to lose weight with a liccle success.

As far as my shoes i havent seen anyone about that and never thought about it, probably wouldnt have anyways, so thnx for that. I tend to wear trainers and opw its winter i wear boots but i make sure they are confortable and wear them only for going out (any kind of footwear).

The nights are when i notice most of the problems i do twitch and turn into a human vibrating machine, but my legs are slowly getting worse as i tend to twitch more and feel more pain in them over the last week. It has died down now and im just waiting for my back pain to die off back to normal.

Just wishing it would all go back to how it was about 2 weeks ago so i can continue my daily routines as normal, it is really taking effect on my relationship as i think its hard for any partner to understand what kind of pain it is.

Anyways, happy holidays to all, take care, be safe and thanks for all ur help, im sure i will stay on this forum and you will hear from me again.




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