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Empowerment questions when interviewing doctors!
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larry - December 14

Here are some questions we could use when interviewing doctors before they treat us for fibro. I was trying to help someone the other day by suggesting questions but found these questions put together in a more understandable and articulate manner. ....

"The selection process for a physician can be a struggle. Most traditional health care providers don't understand or know enough about these very complex diseases.
If you are currently seeing a physician or specialist for Fibromyalgia , Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome or Unrelenting Fatigue , ask yourself or your doctor the following.....:

Does your doctor believe that FM, CFIDS and UF are prevalent chronic diseases? ...............
Does your doctor see a significant number of FM, CFIDS or UF patients? .....................
Does your see marked improvement in those patients by using outcome tracking and monitoring? .............
Is your doctor open minded about treatment options other than prescriptions? .........................
Does your doctor rule out that your symptoms are related to menstruation, pregnancy, menopause or psychological problems? ...................
Does your doctor think he can treat your disease? .......
Can your doctor specify how long it will take for you to feel improvement? .................
If you answered "no" to any of these questions, your current physician may not be your solution. Of course, your few questions are just the beginning of the solution. Your trust and confidence in any physicians' abilities are paramount to success. I hope this helps!


JJ1 - December 14

Good questions. I am glad I have a PPO and not a HMO insurance plan so I can actually choose my docs.


barbar - December 14

You might also want to google your doctor or otherwise do research to see where he/she in the medical community. I have beend very pleased with my doctor but when I googled him was shocked to discover is one of the most prominent physicians treating FMS and chairs one of the community networks of FMS physicians. So check out the physician as well.


tcmby - December 18

thaks for thoe tips larry, i always get nervous and forget what i was supossed to say once i get in there. maybe i will make a list next timee!



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