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EMG-nerve cnduction test
5 Replies
firomama - March 16

to tnichel, i totally understand what you mean. today, not so great. didnt matter that i knew what was going on or why, i just didnt feel like dealing w- the pain.
i had to do an emg-nerve conduction test. never again! and the funny thing is it hurt so much during and GOD, after, but the results came back normal. how can that be poss.? the tech and dr who administered the test kept saying "oh, its not so bad,it doesnt really hurt that bad." YES IT ******* DOES! (sorry, i shouldnt have cussed.) i came home and slept. it really took alot out of me. i have been back and forth w- the "is this really fibro that im dealing w-" crap for awhile.


Fantod - March 16

I've had that test which is a nightmare. I don't even know how anyone can administer that test to another human being....


Noca - March 16

Another traumatic test that I've had done was a "barium swallow" test. Ugh, just run the opposite direction if they suggest that test for your IBS or GERD lol.


tnichel - March 18

I am sooooo sorry it was painful for you. I had the test a few years ago with no pain. I was told my left arm was worse than the right. Whatever that means b/c the right hurts like heck! Maybe it was so painful b/c everything is normal with you. Either way, we're in enough pain so we don't need anyone adding to it! And doesn't it piss you off when they say "it's not that bad"? Excuse me, are you the one suffering? no, I don't think so. It reminds of when I got my cavite filled and the dentist kept saying, "sorry, I'm a perfectionist" OKAY, well find something else to be perfect at!!!! Well I hope you have recovered by now.

OMG! Noca that barium swallow nearly the did me in. I sat in the room for an hour trying to get it down without vomiting. Finally the nurse came in, snatched it out of my hand, and gave me a disgusted I cared. lol. I'm currently boycotting doctors b/c they keep ordering more tests and have diagnosed me with more issues. I"m only one person and can take only so much! And I'm not even 30 yet!!!!! lol.

Anywho, for the millionth time... I'm so glad you guys are here and can relate. This site is officially the only thing keeping me going right now.


Noca - March 18

tnichel, I kept vomiting all over their xray machine lol


ptalana - March 19

Oh yeah, when I went in for this test 1/4 of the way through she discovered the machine wasn't working properly. So she had to start all over, it felt like I was being stung over and over!!!!
I think I've under gone every test out there, frustrating when they don't show anything.
Noca, you're bang on about the barium, I've had the swallow and enema not very pleasant:(
Hope you all have a super day, Patty



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