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Emergency room mistake! Anyone ever made this one?!?
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apappas - September 20

I've been suffering from fibro for 12 years and it has never landed me in the ER, I am in the midst of an epic flare (sorry for in typos my fingers keep cramping). I'm venting here but please feel free to join in. I couldn't take anymore anf all my normal relief s are failing me ie stretches, heat, cold, vitamins, pain meds, ect. So I gave up and went to the ER for "help", after 4 hrs in the waiting room I got to see the doc. I started telling him the situation and he cut me off and as he dug deeply into my back and neck with his finger he jerked my head violently from side to side he said fibro was a concocted fabrication and wasn't real! It's just an excuse for people to be lazy and get sympathy for everyday aches and pain. There is no test to prove it exists because it doesn't. But he has a magic cure! All I have to do is stretch out, put a heating pad on my back and loose a few pound! Wow, why didnt I think of that! Last August I had enough of the pain and tried to take the eady way out. My quality of life was so low I thought I was just a burden to family. Want that doctor doesnt know is that I spent 3 weeks in the ICU because I was almost successful. I left the hospital without any help. I can't believe there are still docs like this.


somebodycares - October 16

apappas: I just saw your post and wanted to reply. First, I hope you are doing better. And yes, I know what you are going through; been there! I've had Fibro for majority of my life, no body knew what to call it, so I had the whole lazy, fat, get sympathy, you are a hypochondriac, too much stress, crap thrown at me several times. My only saving grace is I am not labeled a drug seeker as I am allergic to narcotics and most other pain meds...lucky me! I am sorry you were treated so rudely and there is no excuse for it. I believe I would have filed a complaint as Fibromyalgia is a recognized disorder, whether that doctor wants to believe it or not and they are getting closer to an actual test to prove it. I would have also complained about his "exam". We Fibro's with our trigger points don't need the extra jerking around! His backwoods home remedy treatment plan was an insult. I don't know if you are on medications, but he could have offered muscle relaxers, even a strong anti-inflammatory sometimes helps. The thing is he just wasn't the right doctor. Unfortunately most people don't realize they can ask for a different doctor, yes, even in ER. You may have to wait even longer, but it could be worth it in the long run. You are the patient, they are not gods; they are there to help you, not insult or belittle you. I've also come close to leaving this earth but stopped short of doing so. I have to fight daily to find a reason to go on, but I do...maybe to reach out to people like you to tell you to stand up to idiot doctors, haha! It is a very difficult life and I am hoping for answers soon. I hope you get to read this and it helps. Take care of yourself!



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