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Embarrassing symptoms
13 Replies
hellou - June 7

Hi there
This is really embarrassing but do any of you have any of these symptoms;
Funny smelling urine,body odour returns straight after washing, metallic taste in mouth with constant bad breath (smells infected), odour from scalp, vaginal odour that returns straight after washing?? I am a very clean person but have been suffering all of these embarrassing problems whilst also suffering from fibro. I have been swab and blood tested for infections and every illness under the sun but everything comes back negative. I am sure that i have candida along with fibro and maybe this is causing the problem. However after elimination diets and candida remedies the problem is still there. Also tests for candida come back negative too. It is really affecting my emotional health as I am so fed up of years of these problems on top of the fibro..


cheri21157 - June 7

I have not been dx with fibro yet but I do have a white coating on my tongue, metallic taste in mouth and funny breath and I also have noticed that my body odor is stronger and deoderant doesn't help that much.


gucci - June 7

hi hellou, yes i suffer with the above symptoms and like you i have had every test going.its embarazing and annoying it doesnt matter how often i wash its still there. i hope we can find a cure soon for both our emotional wellbeing .good luck


axxie - June 9

Hello hellou

The embarrassing foul odor and metallic taste, limit acidy juices, lemonade, teas, coffees and drink more water and cranberry cocktail.

The cranberry will help you with your metallic taste if you drink more water, and will help you with flushing away any foul odor.

Also limit your red meat consumption, colas, and anything that is made with cream, or milk, replace with water or cranberry juice with no sugar added.

The medication also play a role in the metallic taste and the embarrasing fowl odor.


peachmelba - June 11

hi hellou.
thank goodness somebody has brought this topic up. i didn't know how to address it so i didn't bother. i had noticed since before being diagnosed that my body odour was getting really strong and even when i had just got out of the bath my armpits started to smell almost straight away. also when i got to the toilet for a wee and stand up i'm almost nocked sideways with the smell and embarrased. so now when i got to public toilets i always take a perfume spray with me. have you noticed it getting stronger around the monthly cycle? because i do. thank god were not on are own with this,you always feel like your alone but thanks to these forums it helps with peace of mind. i hope you feel more relaxed about it take care
peachmelba uk.
p.s. my breath smells that much sometimes my brother say's i've eaten a dog poo sandwich HA HA. NOT !!!


hellou - June 12

Hi thanks to you all for replying,I am sorry that you have the same symptoms but at least I no longer feel like a freak!
These are a couple of things that i have tried that help slightly... they may or may not help you.
Urine and vaginal odour; for women..I have used something that you get from the chemist, a gel that restores the ph balance in the vagina. You insert it once every three days. The effects are temporary but it does help a little.
Breath: a gentle tongue scraper and a good pro biotic every day.(the smell seems to come from my post nasal drip but at times I feel it is coming up from my stomach too)
The candida free diet helps but how anyone can stick to it I have no idea! We have enough to deal with with this awful illness and depriving ourselves of the food and drink we like just makes for a more miserable life i think.. but hey.. I do lack will power!
Interestingly enough all of these symptoms disappeared for one week after i had an operation and was put on a drip for 24 hours for the first time ever. I wonder whether it is to do with over acidity in the body as the sodium in the drip would have balanced this out.My brain fog cleared to and I could read a paper from cover to cover for the first time in ages without giving up after two minutes! Unfortunately after one week all of the symptoms came back! Good luck everyone, I ams so glad that we talk so openly on this site.. it really helps


Gabbie - June 13

hellou. People with fibro have a sensitivity to odors and I'm wondering if that is why you are smelling "stuff". I smell EVERYTHING including people especially in the warm weather. It's not a body odor due to lack of deoderant, it's the smell of warm skin. And I find it really awful. I've been with other people when I've actually started gagging because of an aroma of certain foods, things in the air and today I'm returning a handbag because I can't stand the smell of the lining. I've asked a couple of people if they notice it and they really don't. Our bodies are sensitive to everything and I really believe that is why we feel so much pain and smell what we do. I don't think other people detect the odors that we do.


axxie - June 13

Hello hellou, I think it has something to do with the antidepressant we take. For instance I take cymbalta 60mg one a day and ever since I find the odor down below is sometimes a little much, I wash and I bathe and I found taking those little wipes for children help alot.

I still think that water, cranberry juice all help, whatever you do do not douche or wash with water or soap, it's suppose to be just rinced off with warm water. I much prefer the wipes, they help alot. Try eating yogort that also helps and a priobiotic everyday.


lizbet - June 13

I also suffer with the body odour thing and never feel fresh.Straight out of the shower I feel as though I dont smell fresh. Since Ive had fibro my sense of smell has got so incredibl sensitive and I do think that we perhaps smell things that maybe no one else can smell. Gabbie mentioned taking a handbag back because of the smell. That happened to me as well!!! It used to make me gag and no one else could smell anything at all. Shame because it was a lovely bag!! I have also used the vagina gel and it really works and I would recomend it. In England its called Active Balance Gel. x


The Bonz - June 16

Wow!!! This is amazing!!! I thought I was the ONLY one!!!! I started noticing that I have a strong urnine smell about 6 months or so. It is sooooooo embarrassing!!! I will go to the bathroom and such a strong ammonia smell comes out. I don't know if anyone else has noticed it about me. They haven't said anything. My husband hasn't said anything to me. Sometimes I am embarrassed when we are intiment because I am afraid that the odor will come up and turn him off, so I kind of step away gently and undress myself.

Has anyone else been having bladder control issues? That is what I attributed the smell to. I also have a VERY keen sense of smell. My huband and I joke all the time that I can smell EVERYTHING and certain odors will make me gag uncontrollably.


solanadelfina - June 17

Wow, it is crazy what health idiosyncrasy pops up next with us that proves to be tied into the fibro. I guess it makes certain that life will never be boring.

The breath and white coating thing has definitely come up at the dentist, and I too use a tongue scraper and its made a huge difference. Probably should be using the mouth wash more often, as well. So have the other odors, but thankfully no one else seems to have noticed yet, either. I had frequency issues in high school just after my first fibro pains popped up, but it wasn't until recently that I put them together.

Yes, my sense of smell has definitely increased, and it's come in handy. One day at work, I was looking for the almonds that I had forgotten to bring home. I was checking all the shelves with books on them, and came near the ones that I take care of. And...I could smell the chocolate powder that was inside the closed plastic container. Sure enough, they were hiding on that shelf and I sniffed them out like a bloodhound. At least sometimes it can act like a gift. :)


Gabbie - June 17

After reading more comments, I felt that I wanted to add another post. Most of you have said that the odors that you are detecting are not noticed by others. Body "parts" etc, have a scent and because of our heightened sensitivities, I truly believe that is why we are aware of them and others are not. As far as the "bathroom" odors, I smell them the minute I walk into a public rest room (and it's not coming from me) and I have also detected a urine odor coming from toilets (and there's only water in them) before I've used them even at a friends home (and they keep a clean home. I asked 3 people to smell the inside of the handbag that I mentioned earlier, and none of them detected the odor and to me it was so stinky it made me gag. Rather than using regular bar soap, I shower with the scented shower gels from Bath and Body Works. I also use their shampoos, body and skin creams. I have found that the Vanilla scent is really pretty and it lasts on the body all day. I work part time in a small retail store and when people come in out of the warm weather, I smell their skin. With the vanilla scent (or probably any of the others), when I am warm, all I notice is the nice vanilla on myself. There are so many places that carry a variety of scented gels and things so it might be worth a try. Hellou, you mentioned a post nasal drip. Sometimes that can cause you to smell a strange odor and if it has gone on to a sinus infection, it can get really bad. If you haven't already, you may want to check with your doctor to make sure it is not an infection. There was a time when I also stressed over what I thought was personal body odor. I am now convinced that we don't "stink" and what we are smelling is the natural odor of things and those scents are magnified because of the fibromyalgia. Why else would no one else notice those smells? If they did, I believe we would know it just by the way they react when around us. Everything for us is intense; pain, noises, bright lights, etc., and I truly believe we can add the smell thing to the list. I apologize for the length of this post, but I really am hoping that what I've said here helps. Wishing you all better days.


hellou - June 20

Hi thanks again everyone for replying to my post.. it took me a long time to pluck up the courage to post this subject.
Cherie21157 and Peach Melba: re the breath problem that we share. I have found something that really really helps in the last few days completely by accident. I was on holiday this week and stumbled across a shop that sells living foods. They had samples of sprouting seeds to try and I had a taste of the white radish. I noticed that I had no foul odour or metallic taste the next day and this was the first time I had not had it in 15 years. I went back to the shop and tried some more and the same thing happened again. I knew it must have been the white radish sprouts as I had never tried them before. Anyway I went back to buy some seeds to grow my own and low and behold the information in the packet said that they are excellent for sinus , mucus problems which is where I feel the smell comes from (post nasal drip). I am so pleased and just hope that they continue to work. I just eat a spoonful a day, they are very hot and make you do horrible burps for an hour after eating, but after that your mouth feels much fresher all day.


Dyinside44 - January 14

Oh my gosh, I just found this site by googling the metallic odor of my ladyparts and the weird taste in my mouth. I just created an account here mainly to post in this forum. I have fibromyalgia and I had no idea these symptoms could be related. Im glad I am not alone. I too have been to the gyno several times over my issues and had negative tests. I just really wish this wasn't happening to me!



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