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Embarrassing question...But it's scaring me!
3 Replies
bwelladjusted - February 18

This is really embarrassing, but it's making me nervous. First off, I have both IBS and irritable bladder, which when coupled with the fibro is just a lovely combination. :(
Last night my stomach felt fine when I went to bed, but an hour later I felt that urgency to go to the bathroom (Not unusual with the IBS. Normally I'm constipated, but periodically I get intestinal cramping followed by diarrhea.)I had no fever, and I didn't feel nauseous, but I was quivering uncontrollably, especially in my stomach and legs. I felt cold, even under several blankets, and my mouth and throat felt like cotton no matter how much water I drank. This continued most of the night, and this morning I'm right back to normal. I felt tired and weak this morning, and was afraid to eat anything more than some toast and a probiotic capsule, but otherwise I don't feel sick. (I ache all over, but that's normal.) This is the third time since November that I've had this, and it really scares me, especially being unable to stop shaking. Plus, it just comes with no warning...I'll feel perfectly fine all evening, and then it just comes on after going to bed. I haven't eaten the same thing all three times, and can't really find a connection. Last time I managed to drag myself to work the next day anyway, but today I just couldn't manage it. And I can't afford to miss too much work.
Sorry this is kinda long (and totally embarrassing!), but if anyone has experienced this and has any explanation at all, I would love to know. Especially if you have any suggestions. Thank you all! ((Gentle hugs!))


jrzgirl - February 18

I have had the same thing happen to me,being thirsty means you are dehydrated, I find that STRESS brings it on for me, I have the same symptoms, chills etc.
Keep a record of what you eat and drink when this happens.


belle1329 - February 18

I too get very thirsty almost all the time.


tnichel - February 18

Right there with you. This latest episode started sunday. I wasn't feeling well and thought maybe I was getting a stomach virus. Monday the only thing I had to eat was a piece of chicken, bread, and fruit. I woke up in the middle of the night with horrible stomache cramps and diarrhea. (I have ibs). I proceeded to vomit everything I had eaten which was weird since I hadn't eaten much. But I had hot flashes instead of cold. Sometimes I get chills with these episodes. Anywho, I'm
good if I don't vomit but if I do, then I can't eat anything but soup, crackers and pretzels for the next week. I called in yesterday but I'm at work today. I hate it!!!! I feel like I win one sick battle only to go into the next. I have yet to determine a pattern. I thought it came from eating fish but I haven't had any in months. Thought maybe caffeine too. Idk but I wish it would stop...or at least take some of this weight with it!!!!!



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