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Embarrassing "Fibro Moments"
18 Replies
jane doe - February 1

Okay, you want to get back to the personal stuff, I'll start. Let's talk about our embarrassing fibro fog moments, you know like the time you couldn't remember for the life of you where you parked your car.
A lot of mine seem to involve grocery shopping. I keep a list posted on my fridge, so when I run out of something I can just write it down then, because I would never remember what I need if I don't. So I grabbed my list and off I went. I sometimes still don't get everything even if it is written down, I don't know why. but I just can't seem to pay attention. Anyway I did remember to get all of it and was really proud of myself. I was putting stuff away, and I had bought some breadcrumbs which I KNEW I needed. I open the cupboard, and there are not one, but two big containers of breadcrumbs already in there! If anyone wants to borrow any you know where to go! The next day, I couldn't find my keys anywhere. I finally found them in the bathroom vanity! LOL, I still don't know what made me put them there. I could go on forever, I have a mllion of them. Let's hear yours.


tcmby - February 1

hi jane... well i like to misplace items too. i routinely find these "missing" items in my fridge or freezer! LOL :)


JJ1 - February 1

My problem is using the wrong words when I talk. I will replace a word with one that makes completely no sense in the context of the sentence and won't even know I did it. My kids are usually catching me in this. My greatest fear (I really am afraid it may already have happened and I don't know it) is doing this when speaking to an audience. My job requires me to make technical presentations to clients and at seminars and meetings and I really really hope I haven't embarrassed myself, lol.


Lyle Anderson - February 1

I do both---and more. I wonder why so many of us keep losing thigns in the fridge? As for words, I lose those all the time and like JJ1, I use the wrong words. How many times have you reviewed your writing and found an 'a' when you meant to write 'I'? Luckily, FFog has its positive side. For example, my most embarrassing fibro moment---I can't remember! LOL!


JJ1 - February 1

How true, how true!!!!.............."my most embarrassing fibro moment---I can't remember! LOL! "


jane doe - February 1

LOL Lyle, that must be true for me!


BRENDA - February 2

I do the list thing...only I leave my list at home!!! I don't know even why I bother to make a list, LOL! When i am at the store I will try to remember what is on the list & when I get home I find I am not even CLOSE! I have bought NOTHING I needed!!


BrandyO - February 2

Wow, it feels good to hear these embarrassing moments happen to others, lol. I can relate to all these and more. Just today at Walmart, as I was checking out, I embarrassed myself big time. I was paying with my credit card and as I went to swipe it I told the cashier not once but twice that she forgot to delete the last persons transaction. She stood there telling me several times those are YOUR transactions. I felt my face get bright red when I finally understood. She stood there and just shook her head in disbelief. I couldn't even look at the person behind me in line. I tried to laugh it off saying I was having a bad day but OMG. I have no idea what on earth I was thinking! We all have these moments I guess... I just hate when they happen to me, lol. Brandy... :)


Littlelede - February 2

I used to be really good at fixing problems or finding things on the computer, now, somedays I just stare at the screen and have no idea what I am suppose to do. I really hate that.


yannie - February 3

hello Jane - all these answers lifted my spirits for the day! I too am prone to lose things in the refrigerator - the last item was my cell phone charger...maybe it repesents a safe place to store things ??? anyway I have a calendar that lists bills due, when paid, important events, ect. and my husband keeps that for me for safe keeping - if he gets fibrofog too we are in deep trouble!


jane doe - February 3

Well, my house looks like an advertisement for "post-its"! They are stuck everywhere. I wish I would have thought of those. Yesterday I had to run to the drugstore for a few things, and I found myself halfway to WORK before I finally realized I wasn't going to work, I had just got home from there! It's crazy!


JJ1 - February 3

I am the post-it queen, too, but they really don't help because I either forget to bring them or look at them. I wrote myself a note to schedule the kids dentist appointments and it took over a month for me to finally remember and look at the note at a time when the dentist was open and I could call.


teresat - February 3

Does anyone here ever find themselves at home (maybe after a long day at work) & not remember how they got there? I mean, that they can't remember the drive home & alcohol is NOT involved! :)


tcmby - February 3

ok well.... i said i like to displace things in the fridge, but this is worse... do you guys ever find yourselves furiously looking for something like your car keys or an earring or something only to realize that it is already IN YOUR HANDS? now thats really bad ;)


Gabbie - October 8

I misplace things also. I write notes for myself and sometimes misplace the notes. I also forget what I'm saying in the middle of a conversation and I've tried to keep blabbing in the hopes that I'll remember but I end up sounding really dumb. So not I just stop and say, "what was I telling you?". I try to keep my sense of humor even on my worst pain days because I have found that feeling sorry for myself and lying around is actually worse. This is for "tcmby". I keep looking for my eyeglasses forgetting that I now have them hanging around my neck. I never would have thought I'd EVER be wearing that "grandma" chain and here I am with them in all colors!


nburnett5 - October 8

wow these r so funny cuz im right there with all of u. Had to have my rheumo write down what she was tellin me 2day cuz i knew that as soon as I left her office I'd b like, (what???0 n have to call the office right back..
So embarassing.


#1exnurse - October 19

i'll tell my boys they can do something and when they go i'llforget i said yes.i 've written out checks with my maiden name or ask for the date however i mean year we live in a small town and people think i've been drinking how ever i don't drink. i don't want to leave the house. my 15 year old is worriedabout me and will yell at me because i can't remember because i used to be the fun active mom how do i cope?



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