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Embarrassed to ask headaches??
3 Replies
FibroGal - February 18

Does anyone here ever get post-orgasm headaches? First, I'm scared because the internet suggests scary things and my anxiety is through the roof again. Second, I'm embarrassed to be asking. However, I have chronic headaches, both tension and migraine, and sometimes I get post-orgasm headaches. Does anyone here ever get? Thanks.


Oksana - February 24

Hello, nothing to be embarassed about. Its just life now are we know it. I don't really get migranes but I am totally out of it the next day. I feel drained and in pain. Yes headaches too. Each time is different. I just refuse to have an orgasm. Its hard on me but I have to work on dealing with this. Intimacy with my husband has changed greatly and I don't really look forward to it any more as I have become touch sensitive. He does not know how to touch me as he is afraid he will hurt me. Take care and lets keep in touch. Blessings Oksana


Jen1982 - April 5

You don't know what a relief it is to have someone have something similar. I have suffered from migraine headaches since i was about 5 years old and about 3 years ago suffered a very intense one that lasted about 6 days and ended up in emergency twice during that period. since then i sometimes get very bad pain when i am coming up to orgasm, not necessarily after orgasm, and i tend to have trouble with orgasms. feels as if i get to a certain point and then everything just shuts off. my dr. is pretty sure i have fibromyalgia, but is still ruling out other things. i have yet to mention this too her as i felt a bit weird and embarassed about it too. but i can somewhat relate to you as it's very scary when it happens, and almost makes it where you want to avoid any intimate encounters.


axxie - April 6

Get the headaches afterwards, but I'll be damn that I'm going to stop having the orgasm. I am very sensitive, but although the headaches will keep me awake afterwards.

Sex actually good for you, hubby and your fibro, I would not stop the orgasm, the way I see it, it can only be a plus.

If hubby does not know how to touch, take a few tylenol prior to having the date, it might help you not be so sentitive.

I find that I am quite dry and need the creams to help me along, yes, it can be painful, but take it easy, you can control the the intimacy.

Yes, I get the headaches, so I pop a few tylenol for headaches and it usually goes away, you might awake for a while, that's when I pick up the house, or clean a part of the house.



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