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Embarassing but...bad taste in mouth and it IBS..
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m.e. - March 30

My bowels are totally wacked out lately. Didn't know the abdominal pain would be that bad and be the IBS again. I also have a bad taste in my mouth and bad breath...very embarassing as I am a teacher (poor students!) and am dating (poor guys!). I don't know if it is the IBS, a little white wine consumption, Celiacs disease, Candida, Reflux/GERD, sinus, something else associated with Fibro???....anyone have any suggestions or experience with this?? I am so self conscious and eating healthy and trying everything!! HELP!!


January - March 31

Hi m.e. - bad breath can come from many causes, as you obviously know! A dentist would be a good place to start; they should be trained to help diagnose this problem. Or, if you know you have one of the health conditions you list, see a doctor. For example, if you know you have sinus problems, check with your EENT dr. You might have an infection going on. Best thing to do is treat the problem causing it! If your breath has become really bad, it could indicate a condition that needs medical treatment. Sometimes metabolic or liver problems result in bad breath… so if it doesn't go away, I'd go and get checked out.

But meanwhile, there is a dentist who sells products under the name Thera Breath - you can google Dr. Harold Katz LLC. He has put out a lot of information about bad breath, and he sells toothpaste, mouthwash, mints and even a kit for eliminating tonsil stones! Hm… I have tonsil problems but this kit is news to me! I've ordered from them before. They seem reputable and the products are now in stores. The mouthwash can even be swallowed. I don't use the products regularly, just occasionally - so I can't say if they work wonders. I like the mouthwash.

I'm not aware of this being a symptom of fibro… but who knows! Hope you feel better!


kvc33 - March 31

If not caused by a disease, bad breath is most often caused by a dirty tongue. Try gently brushing or scraping your tongue with one of the tongue scrapers that are available at the drug store. The smell may be coming from your gut or sinuses or an infection in your mouth that you are not aware of. See a doctor and have it checked out. Have people told you that your breath is bad? I am very sensitive to smell and many people's breath bothers me, perhaps you have just become very sensitive to odors. A fruity smell can indicate diabetes. Floss your teeth and then smell the floss, then you'll know what bacteria smells like and that will give you a clue as to what is going on. I get mouth sores sometimes and sores in my throat that are infection. I use a special mouthwash called Steri/sol with hexetidine that is for mouth sores.


mdak - March 31

I use to have that trouble. I sometimes have thrush problems from FM. I started keeping my tongue clean, flossing and brushing more. The best thing that work for me was using a tooth paste that had peroxide in it. It seem to bubble all that nasty germs out of my mouth. If the yeast gets too bad their is always meds for that. I would always brush my tongue until is was clean because that is usally where the odor comes from.


axxie - April 1

Hi m.e.

Try these tricks it sure will help with most of your problems that you have.

Bad breath, bacteria is the culprit, most likely around the gum line. If you have no periodontal disease, you are looking at digestion. Since you mention ibs the culprit lies in several places. Try these solution most likely will take care within a few days of regularly doing these steps.
Morning: brush, sinus rinse (Neti-pot) or nasal irrigation there are many different kind, buy the cheapest, once you have done all this, gargle
During the Day, drink plenty of water (ibs and bad digestion)
Take probiotic with meals or eat yogurt once a day
Supper time: Green tea helps with digestion
Go out for a 20 minute walk if you can, but sitting and not doing anything will only give you gaz and bad digestion
Don’t eat after 8p.m.
Floss before bedtime, gargle and use a nasal strip to help you breath and sleep better.
By doing these steps you should be able to eliminate your problems.


kvc33 - April 1

I have a pulsatile sinus irrigator that I bought for allergic symptoms. The directions state that it shouldn't be used by anyone with an infection as it forces bacteria deeper into the sinuses. Before you start doing sinus irrigation see a doctor and get to the bottom of what is causing your bad breath- it could be a sign of something serious.



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