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embarassed but in pain so need to ask
6 Replies
belle1329 - February 25

the other day, attempting to go to the toilet, I pushed and got a bad pain in my head. It was like a stabbing pain, felt a bit dizzy and tingly. Walked around after and felt a bit better but still have a very dull headache. Has anyone ever experienced this? could it have been a muscle in my head? Scared me a bit and now have been left with a dull headache for a5 days, not sure if I should go to the Dr. I feel like such a hypro. is this an exertional headache? Any help appreciated


Canada17 - February 25

Not to alarm you but you should absolutely get to a doctor right away.

I can't possibly know what caused this but the fact that your headache has lingered worries me. It could be anything from an exertion headache to an aneurysm. Please, see a doctor to rule out anything life threatening.

I know it can be scary to think of what the cause might be. However, I think it is scarier to ignore a problem, hope that it will go away on its own, only to have it get worse and be told you should have come in right away because something could have been done. Plus, it could be nothing and you are worrying yourself for no reason.

Good luck.


ptalana - February 26

Hi belle, this does sound like an exertional headache. You should get this checked out asap, these headaches can be symptoms of something more serious. On the other hand in could be totally benign, better to be safe.
Please let us know how it goes with the doctor.
Sending you positive vibes, Patty:)


belle1329 - February 26

thanks everyone, Ill call her today. My huby has a headache last night but I think he is getting the flu, he had chills/fever. I dont have that. I am having a bad flare up right now, I feel like Ive been hit buy a truck :(. Its so weird, last week I felt pretty good, DAM Monster!!! :(


Duo - February 26

You certainly should see your G.P. I get explosive headaches (just been diagnosed with Fibro. Although widespread pain over a number of years I was quite alarmed as something similar recently happened to me - also couldn't bend forward for pains in my head - turned out my bloodpressure is extremely high 199/102. Have been doing research and on one site indicates high bloodpressure could be a "wrap around" symptom of fibro. Dont delay, you shouldn't feel embarrassed or that you are being a hypo. Good luck. Duo


belle1329 - March 5

Hi everyone,
I did make an appointment, but the headache has disappeared. I really think it may have been Coincidental. But you were all correct, better to be safe than sorry. I was having a very bad flare up and at the same time that did happen and the headache was dull afterwards so Im thinking that (the dull headache) was part of the flare. Feeling "much"better this week except... Ill put in another posting.. Thanks everyone :)


LadyHaelach - March 7

I find that flares ups tend to throw my body out of wack really easy..I cant stand it when people make comments about being a hypo...some days i wish people could feel what we feel..i bet if they walked a mile on our shoes ... they would be singing a different tune.. as for the doctors.. its better to be safe then sorry..I have had the same problem before... I usually have to lay down for a bit or soaking in a hot bath and let your neck submerge in the water....I find that works for me.. walmart has a really great bath soak.. its in a clear bottle with a blue liquid.. I never have a bath without.. works wonders on my pain



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