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electric shock type pains
5 Replies
rachel ann - March 15

i have been feeling ill now for 4 years, and i have only just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. i was just wondering if anybody else experienced shooting pains that feel more like electric shocks?


BrandyO - March 15

Hi Rachel Ann ...I use to have that electric shock feeling all over. I started taking Tegretol for a bout of trigeminal neuralgia. It helped the neuralgia but it also helped the electric shocks. So even tho the trigeminal neuralgia isn't an issue any more my neurologist keeps me on a low dose of Tegretol. The shocks don't happen nearly as often and when they do, the pain is not as severe. Talk to your doctor, maybe Tegretol would help you too. Good luck.... Brandy


rachel ann - March 15

hi brandyo, its really good to hear from somebody else who can relate to what is going on. its hard to describe how you are feeling sometimes, and it must be hard for family and friends to understand. thankyou very much for your rapid response, all the best, rachel ann.


Jean Taylor - March 16

I have experienced that but it was due more so to being on Lexapro and then Cymbalta to try to deal with the pain. They got worse when I was going off of them. From what I understand any type of SSRI (Paxil, Zoloft, etc.) can cause those. Don't know if this helps any!!


busheysurfer - March 22

hi rachel i get that feeling but i describe it more like shooting pricks which make me itch i have been free of this for about a month now its back but my body is low at the moment so whether that makes a difference i dont know


tcmby - March 22

hi rachel ann. i guess i am not the only night owl around here tonite :) i was thinking the same thing as Jean. are you on or coming off of an SSRI? these electric shocks are a very common side effect from them. if they are really bad you should tell your doctor.



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