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electric shock headaches
42 Replies
toots2889 - December 25

I to suffer from these shocks! Mine are on the left side and are pretty regular. Ive asked my nurologist and he doesnt know either. I also get to the point of getting sick.
When I go to drs. and they do the foot test on the bottom of your feet I get that sick vomitting feeling, and light headed. They cant explain that to me either. Does anyone else get that way on that test?
I to suffer from migraines and my doc put me on topamax 2 times a day and my migraines are pretty controlled. Otherwise I would suffer migraines on a regular basis.


peachmelba - December 26

hi there anne-marie i've been having them alot recently above my right ear in fact, my veins on my head above my ear seem to swell a little and are very tender to the touch. i usually get them late on in the evening about sevenish and usually last until i take paracetamol sometimes the pain is that bad it wakes me up pulsating and throbbing, it frightens me that much i start having a panick attack thinking i'm going to DIE. i also get earache aswell and pain going down the sides of my neck i wondered if anyone one else has these symptoms because if no one has fibro in the family then you cant compare, then you become scared


Anne Hillebrand - December 28

It's congestion from the serous fluids not moving.

Try 4-way brand nasal spray. Spray into both nostrils, hold your nose and put a little air pressure on to open sinuses.

Headache should stop in just seconds.

Wal-Four is a house brand - same thing but cheaper.

It's 1% Phenylephrine.

You can take Sudafed PE Nasal Decongestant (be sure to read that it is Phenylephrine and not one of their other products.)

But that's a stronger version of the same med, and takes a little longer because it is a pill.

The truth is setting us free.


SnowBear72 - December 30

like brain zaps? I get these sometimes. It drives me nuts.


axxie - January 20

OH yes, the electric shock while you are sleeping and just when you happen to be standing in line at the check-out counter and wham it hits you, like a brick. I'm so sick afterwards, my head spins and I feel nauseated, that's when I drop everything and run outside. More often then not i's the electric drill piercing your skull. Or those hot electrical needles going down in your skull. Always thought I was crazy now I know what they are.


mark1234 - November 8

I'm having the same problem.. it started today but in the top and center of my head feels like electric shock tightness headache.

If you're not coming off meds it sounds like it may be "occipital neuralgia" - especially if neck problems are present:

google "occipital neuralgia"


lenasinging2000 - October 11

I dont really get these in my head, but in my neck, and hands I get horrible shocks. They only last a second or two, but they are quite painful, and scare me every time it happens, because they are so intermittant. I never knew that the pain between my shoulder blades and my upper neck were part of this, and its nice to know that is a symptom of fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed a few years ago, but its only been recently that the pains are starting to get more severe, and making me look for information! At least, now, I dont feel like I am going nuts....because I am not doing ANYTHING at all, to cause these pains that I am getting.

Reading all of the symptoms, I have almost every single symptom of this disease....I pray that it doesnt get worse for me, but something tells me that wont be the case.


Sonja44 - October 16

Yep, I get sharp electric pain behind my ears. It gets so intense my entire body jerks with the pain. There is no way to disguise the pain. It feels like (in my imagination) a cattle prod is poking at raw nerve bundles behind my ear.

My doc prescribes Predisone (sp?) for a brief period. I have usually exhausted all my usual ways to relieve pain before I call the doc. I'm hyper-sensitive to meds so I try over the counter pain patches or rubs first plus Advil types of pain meds.

I also get these electric sharp pains in my hands or my ribs. I really wouldn't wish this type of pain on anyone.


axxie - November 2

I get them in my sleep, it wakes me up, feels like a damn light show in my head. No doctor was able to explain to me what it was, went online found something, but cannot recall for the life of me what it was.


axxie - November 2

The Aura
The aura is perhaps the most talked about of the possible phases. The symptoms and effects of the aura vary widely. Some can be quite terrifying, especially when experienced for the first time. Some of the visual distortions can be exotic and bizarre. It's interesting to note that Migraine aura symptoms are thought to have influenced some famous pieces of art and literary works. One of the better know is Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland."

While most people probably think of aura as being strictly visual, auras can have a wide range of symptoms, including:

visual: flashing lights, wavy lines, spots, partial loss of sight, blurry vision olfactory hallucinations — smelling odors that aren't there
paresthesia - tingling or numbness of the face or extremities on the side where the headache develops.

aphasia - difficult finding words and/or speaking confusion dizziness
hiccups neck pain partial paralysis (only in hemiplegic Migraine)
auditory hallucinations — hearing things that aren't really there decrease in or loss of hearing reduced sensation allodynia - hypersensitivity to feel and touch brief flashes of light that streak across the visual field (phosphenes)


January - November 16

Strange sensations in the head - like vibration, electric shocks, or the feeling of fluid moving around - can also be side effects of common fibromyalgia drugs, especially if you have missed a dose. Also, if your body is no longer responding well to the dose you are on, you can start having withdrawal symptoms like this even if you are taking regular doses at the same time each day. Sometimes these feelings can be an indication of electrolyte imbalance too.


axxie - November 23

The cause of the Exploding Head Syndrome (EHS) is not known, though some physicians have reported a correlation with extreme fatigue. This condition has also been linked to rapid withdrawal from certain prescription drugs such as benzodiazepines and SSRIs.
Exploding Head Syndrome is a condition that causes the sufferer to occasionally experience a tremendously loud noise as originating from within his or her own head, usually described as the sound of an explosion, gunshot, door slamming, roar, waves crashing against rocks, loud voices, a ringing noise, the terrific bang on a tin tray, the sound of an electrical arcing (buzzing), or a thud. In some cases an instant flash of what is perceived as video "static" is reported both audibly and visually for a fraction of a second.
You see we are all normal, nothing to be concerned about. We can all go back to sleep safely knowing that it comes and it goes.



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