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Electric Heating Pads for Pain
5 Replies
iliveinpain - September 9

Granted these are nothing new. They have become my new best friend however. I have one on my desk chair at work, one at my beside, and one at my usual tv watching spot at home. Lately, the pain in my lower back has gotten almost intolerable. The heat is the only thing that helps me. I don't know why, but hey, whatever works right? Just thought I'd share in case it might help out someone else here :)


Lee2010 - September 10

Hi there iliveinpain. I totally agree with you. Some of my worst flair-ups usually occur at night in my upper legs. I keep a heating pad plugged in right in my headboard - and just last night I needed it. It helps almost immediately and I'm able to go back to sleep. It helps keep me sane. I know that for me heat is about the only thing that works. My husband wants to put a hot tub in our back yard so that I can get relief whenever I need it. Thanks for the post - it's always good to hear what works for others so that we can try it. Hang in there and keep warm. :-)


RLFORTIN - September 10

I agree...heating pads have been my saving grace on more than one occassion.
I also LOVE the therma care heating wraps for my neck or back. You can find them at any pharmacy or Wal Mart. The package says that they heat for up to 8 hrs but I have had them last for much longer. These are great for when you are on the go or in the car. I tend to have more pain when the weather is cold.

Good Luck : )


duhda75 - September 10

I AGREE...heating pads are my savior. IDK what I would do w/o them. I keep one on the couch, one near my bed, and I also use a microwavable rice neck wrap....IT'S AMAZING. I also find that the disposable thermo care heat wraps helps for on the go. I also use a lumbar pillow for my lower back while driving. I can't drive w/o it. (it helps relief lower back pressure) I also use a heating bubbling heat foot bath. It does sooth a little bit. At this point I'll take any little relief I can get.
Good luck to all you sufferes out there. I am glad to know about this site and to be able to relate to others who are also walking in my shoes...and totally get it. Sometimes, I think my Rhummy thinks I am just after the drugs. And, that's just not the case. I wouldn't wish this pain, symptoms and suffereing on anyone...not even my worst enemy.


HerRoyalHighness - September 11

I read somewhere that a poster bought an electric blanket and used that as a whole-body heating pad. What a clever idea!


duhda75 - September 12

Yeah, I also having a heating blanket. I live in Oregon. So, the weather affects my pain alot. It has been great for all over heat relief. They also have a heated throw blanket avaialble now.



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