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mm30 - August 25


i just wondered if any of you are taking this for depression/fibro. im told they are the same thing.

If you are taking, have you experienced any side affects?

i was just reading up on the web and some people mention it has zapped their energy. i have no energy as is so im apprehensive about taking it but i really do need something to help me get my life in order. another huge issue as previously mentioned in another forum is weight gain. I have serious problems with weight fluctuations and really dont want to increase that. i feel i have enough on my plate ( pardon the pun)

thanks as always,


Stacey373 - August 25

Hi MM! I take Lexapro and have for about 3 or 4 years now. I've tried MANY other anti-depressants and Lexapro has worked the best for me.

The average dosage is 20mg, but I take 40mg. the only side effects I've had from it is it makes me sick to my stomach (seems like alot of meds do that to me!) So I take it at night when I go to bed and don't have any problems with it.

I have had some problems with gaining weight this past 6 months? a year? But I don't think the Lexapro has anything to do with it...I'm pretty sure it's because of my thyroid being out of whack. So you don't have to worry about gaining weight with this medication.

I'm really glad that you are now taking an anti-depressant. give it some time to build up in your system and hopefully it will work as good for you as it has for me.

Take Care, Stacey :o)


Stacey373 - August 25

Oh! btw...I have never noticed my energy level going down because of taking this medication. but that might be because I take it at night...if you do have any of these kind of problems with it...try taking it at night instead of in the morning and see if that helps. Stacey :o)


mm30 - August 25

hi stacey and thanks for the well wishes :D

i actually had an appointment with a social worker at the clinic i see the psychiatrist in. we were talking and i told her about my frustrations with psychiatrist and the lack of communication between and my GP. she grabbed my notes and told me that he has written to gp stating that he wants me to try these.. so i must make appointment for GP now. its crazy frustrating because the actual letter was written in june and for some reason it was not sent on to my general practitioner so here i am in august feel dreadful when i could have been on the road to ...something!
ive been off eight weeks because im a preschool teacher it would have been perfect time to start an anti-depressant and have the time for tweeking meds and what not. anyway now to see my doc and go onto tabs. the note said start me on 5mg and keep going until 20mg and see how it goes.
another side affect of these in insomnia. how is this for you i know i read somewhere that you suffer??? and of course another side affect is somnia :S


Fantod - August 25

mm30 - Medication side effects are listed so that everyone will know what might be possible. It does not mean that you will be subject to that particular problem. Lyrica would be the possible exception. Everyone I know who has been on that put on a huge amount of weight overnight. Since we live in such a litigious society the drug companies cover all the bases by listing everything that they can think of as a possibility.

There is nothing wrong with being apphrehensive about weight gain. Most of us have underlying problems like osteoarthitis, or degenerative disc disease. Extra weight is not an option. Any doctor who can not get their head wrapped around that concept needs to resign.

Try taking your meds at night so you sleep off some of the effects. Get some sublingual B12 tablets with folic acid. Sublingual tablets dissolve under your tongue. Folic acid will help the B12 absorb. They must be used in a specific fashion. No eating, drinking, smoking or toothbrushing a half an hour before or after using one. They taste like nothing. I keep some on my bedside table and take one when I wake up to give myself a "push" to get started. And then throughout the day as needed.

I hope my comments are helpful to you. Take care.


Stacey373 - August 25

Hi MM! I have never had a problem with Lexapro keeping me up at night. As Fantod said, everyone experiences different side effects from medications and the drug companies have to list every possible one to cover their butts.

I haven't had an problems and I hope you don't either. Hopefully you can start taking them ASAP. usually the doctor will give you the sample packages to start at first. The samples are 10mg pills that you take for a week and then either take 2 pills or your prescription which should be 20mg pills.

As I said before, the normal dosage is 20mg, but I take 40mg. if they don't work at the 20mg...try talking to your doctor about taking more. If they still aren't helping you, then you will probably have to find something else and see if it works.

Good Luck, Stacey :o)


mm30 - August 25

They absalutely are fantod.
I know deep down that all these things most be noted as with all drugs for insurance purposes. i guess where i am at the moment if there is anything negetative i cling to with anything i tend to. i kinda shoot things down and look at the what if something bad happens rather than, this will help me, this will possibley get back on track. logically i know this but well i guess this why i need the tabs. i take a supplement called super one with everything in it including b12 and folic acid i also take nordic cod liver oils because i was told they work wonders for alternative mental health and that. i will certainly look into what you have described. as im all the way over the pond her in ireland they may not be in supply but i will look into.

thanks for taking the time to write to me. both stacey and yourself have kept me going in the last while and through some dark times.

i hope you have a good day.


Fantod - August 25

mm30 - Incidentally - depression and Fibromyalgia usually go hand in hand but they are definitely NOT the same thing. If you doctor told you that, than you need another physician. Who would not be depressed having to tolerate chronic pain 24/7?
And insomnia is due to Fibromyalgia in most instances. Take care.


mm30 - August 25

hi fantod after i wrote that i realised that it came across that i was saying that :D what i meant was that lexipro and ecitalopran were the same thing.

you both suffer terribly with fibro and some times i read these forums and wonder if i have the right to complain. for me fibro is secondary problem - well its comes in waves, some days are bad and worsen around my cycle. i know people get depression due to the fibro but for me i have depression and i have fibro.

thanks guys for your advice


Fantod - August 25

You are very welcome. We all have to have some place to come and complain. It helps to talk to someone who is living with the same issue. Perspective is everything. keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.


mm30 - August 25

Thank you you have no idea the help this forum gives me.
Actually while we are on the subject i have one more thing to ask about antidepressants that trouble me. its a bit personal but you have already all been so great that i feel comfortable enough..
my libido is LOW always has been but i think this is due to bad body image and stress i dread it getting worse because its practically non existant. my poor partner has a lot to put up with but never complains and we are a young couple so its not easy on him especially when he is as right as rain :/
i have read the forums and through researching, this is most definatley an issue. is there anyone out there that found their libido increased?

I read some people say they were on lexapro and wellbutrin and that balanced it?

so many questions swimming in my head you would think the need to not feel so depressed would out weigh these but i really wanna find a solution to my problems without causing others.
i know im asking alot but i guess knowledge is power and my faith in the medical system is rapidly diminishing ]:S id like to be somewhat informed when going into what i already feel is fight my case with my doc.


Stacey373 - August 25

I totally understand how you are feeling. For the longest time I really questioned whether I had fibro or not. I have alot of "good days" and when I am feeling good I always fall back to thinking that way. "do I really have this?" There are times when I even think that maybe I'm just being a big baby and over-reacting. I also used to think that maybe all of these problems were in my head and the problems I have aren't as bad as I "think" they are. After finding this site, I don't think this is in my head anymore.

I don't know...that probably doesn't make any sense! LOL What I'm trying to say is that on my good days I question my fibro diagnosis. But on my bad days, I have no doubt that I have this.

I guess no matter how good we feel some days...what we are dealing with is NOT normal and that's why we have all been diagnosed with this horrible illness.

For years I was told that all my problems were caused by depression. Honestly, I don't know which one came first...the depression or the pain. I'm pretty sure it was the pain that caused my depression...but either way...both these problems go hand in hand. So it really doesn't matter which you had first...they are both debilitating and hard to deal with.

I just don't want you lessening your fibro problems because you also deal with depression. Once you start taking the anti-depressants and start feeling better....the fibro stuff will still be there and both are equally important to take care of.

I guess we should all just be thankful that our pain and problems aren't as bad as they could be. Let us know how you are doing....I'm thinking about you, Stacey :o)


Stacey373 - August 25

I've actually had alot of problems with this issue too. I know that almost all anti-depressants do decrease your least I think so...could be wrong with that one!

I have literally NO desire at all. From what I've read, alot of Fibro sufferers have this problem. One reason is that we deal with so many problems and pain that we just don't feel like doing anything "extra." another major reason is because of all the medications we take and those decrease our libido too.

Honestly...I think my health and feeling half-way "normal" is way more important than the other stuff. Thankfully I have a very supportive husband who feels the same way. I guess no matter what meds you take and how they make you will probably have to find other ways to deal with the intimate stuff.

Sorry I don't have better info and advice about this one...I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with it too! Stacey :o)


mm30 - August 25

ya thanks stacey i kinda guessed i would get that answer. i agree with you, what you say makes utter sense.
its funny for years i have suffered problems with my stomache, bowel etc have had cameras and a whole series of test nothing ever showed. so doc says oh its stress. i used to have almighty headaches that sent me to bed in the middle of the day guess what "nothing showed" - ans=stress
i also used to get hook like pains from the back of my belly button shooting down. test were done for that and of course nothing showing... i used to get aches and pains in my hands and feet along with severe numbness and discolouration. my rheumotologists (who i was attending for my hip replacements said it was arthalgia) im think that my buddy fibro has been hiding out for some time.
when i feel good i feel hyper. but when i feel down i feel like im looking up at the world standing down on top of me :(
I am blessed with a great supportive family and great friends who have been so worried and of course a great boyfriend.
absalutely agree that good mental health and fairly pain free body is my ultimate goal but i cant help but want to improve or keep the other stuff in sink too.
i know you do too. i guess only time will tell.

Thank you for advising me on some extremely personal issues.


Stacey373 - August 25

No problem! Actually, if you figure out some of this stuff...let me know! I could use some helpful suggestions too! LOL Stacey :o)


mm30 - August 26

i sure will share the wealth :) we could look into writing a book with all this knowledge. i would think some of you could go on to be drs. ;/



Noca - August 26

I was on Lexapro/Escitalopram for about 2 years. It wasn't really the med for me, instead Paxil is. Everyone is different and I don't recall any side effects while on Lexapro/Escitalopram. I was on 20mg. Good luck with it :)



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