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eating disorders and FM?
5 Replies
JAD3 - March 16

Is there anyone who suffers from an eating disorder and FM? I would love to hear from you, especially those who eat when anxious.


Tia33 - March 16

I have Coeliac Disease this is Intollerance to Wheat Gluten. Yes I eat more if I am upset then i go the other way I wont eat I think it is comfort eating. Of cause I never ever eat anything with gluten in it as I would be so ill. Anxiety can have an avidi effect on eating. I have just been put on some new meds for my osteoporosis and wow in 2 weeks have put 1/2 stone on now I sure dont like that it does not say anything about weight gain. I would not be so silly and not eat. I eat a healthy diet. If I feel as if I want something to eat comfort eating I stop think lol and pick up a banana, or grapes or a low calorie sweet bar. With FMS we cant do the norm excerise thats the reason we dont burn our calories of I do light excersis's sorry spealing now lol got to do my tummy ones get this 1/2 a stone of. keep smiling love Tia 33 xxx


KHawley - March 17

I eat when I'm anxious, definately. I have had to completely give up certain foods, because when I have them I cannot stop at just one. It was sad to give them up, because I love them, but pizza, chocolate, most things made with sugar, and most baked goods are really not my friends (although, I wish they could be). I'm finding it a little tougher not to run to them now that I received this diagnosis, but so far I've remained abstinent. Anyway, what would you like to talk about? Are you looking for someone with a specific eating disorder or just those who use food as a coping mechanism?


chloe3 - March 26

Recently I've been keeping a journal on my eating habits to see whether or not I am an emotional eater. I was surprised to find out that I eat more when I'm in pain, resting on the sofa than any other time. When the pain subsides temporarily, the desire to eat goes with it. But I definitely feel a sense of comfort with food when I'm in pain and meds just aren't working.


maryeg - March 31

I do. Everytime I try to eat right and when I lose weight I feel real bad. I retain fluid a lot and I get frustrated. So I give up.


Wonka - March 31

I have fibromyalgia and celiac disease too. I will definitely eat more comfort foods when I am feeling sorry for myself (except right now because everything is reacting with my gut - probably the iron I'm taking for my Iron Deficiency Anemia playing havoc with my gut). I

It is not unusual for most people to do a little bit of emotional eating, We just can more emotion that the general population because of our trouble keeping anxiety down. Hang in there love.



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