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Easily angered?
11 Replies
Gabbie - March 2

I was formally diagnosed with fibro almost 2 years ago and have experienced pretty much all the symptoms at one time or another or sometimes what seems like all at once. I've always tried to keep a positive attitude and keep going. My physical symptoms seemed to have lessened just a little the last couple of months, but now I have what feels like this bottled up anger, about exactly what, I'm not sure but I always have that "time bomb waiting to go off feeling" and my patience level is zilch. I have "flown off the handle" several times and often nit pick on things that should not be given a second thought. I just blew up at my husband, said some rotten things and am sitting here realizing how awful I was. This is so not like me. Does anyone else have this anger problem and what do you do for it?


Fantod - March 5

I think the basis of the problem is that we all feel like we are being burgled from one day to the next. You never know what you are going to wake up to on any given day. Some part of who you are will not be working properly - indentity theft courtesy of FMS. We operate on unrefreshed sleep, crawling with pain symptoms which no one really understands unless they live with it themselves. I often feel like a non English speaking resident in my own home. It is hard to exhibit any kind of patience when everyone thinks you look just fine and you feel the exact opposite. Is it possible you may be experiencing some menopausal symptoms as well?
Irritablility is part of that package. I would have an honest discussion with your doctor about these outbusts. There could be several things that might account for mood swings. I wish you better days ahead.


hellou - March 6

Hi Gabbie
Absolutely! It is like having PMT constantly.I too feel the same . I feel so sorry for my poor husband. He never knows how I am going to react from one minute to the next! I believe FM can affect hormone levels.I tried Black Cohosh for this and it really helped. Trouble is you can only take it for 6 months and then have to have a good break as it can affect the liver.


Gabbie - March 7

Thank you Fantod and hellou for responding. Fantod I had a lot of menopause symptoms a couple of years ago, but I don't think that it's causing what I am experiencing now since I'm pretty much past it. That's why I thought the fibro was triggering these latest feelings. I think you have the best word for it with "irritability". I was so frustrated recently because I couldn't open a glass jar (because the twisting motion hurt my hand) all I wanted to do was fling it across the room. I even looked up other things like bipolar but I really don't believe that or any of the other awful things that I've read about is what it is. When I finally came to terms with the fibro, I decided then that I would not let it "win". And so far, I've been plodding along and making the best of it. I have a beautiful new little grandchild and I want to continue to enjoy her and the rest of my family. I had many months of so much pain and right now, although I have some degree of pain, I feel pretty good as far as all the other horrible symptoms of fibro that I have experienced and the let-up of pain has been a little bit of a relief for me. So that's why this new anxiety, cranky, anger feeling is really getting to me because it's a new thing and I'm trying to figure out how to handle it. Hellou, have you found any way to calm yourself at those times to possibly avoid at least some of it? If there's anyone else out there that feels this way and shed some light on what to do to lessen it, I would really appreciate hearing from you.


hellou - March 8

Gabbie Re: calming the anger.I am now seeing a counsellor who is trying to work with me in relation to working out triggers to behaviour and ways of managing it.She is also encouraging me to try relaxation/meditation. Trouble is when it takes over I find that nothing will stop me from boiling over! I really found the black cohosh more helpful than anything.I have heard that hypnotherapy really helps.Trouble is when we get bogged down by this awful illnes sits hard to summon up the enthusiasm to try anything! Ithink the fact that we are hyper sensitive does not help. I blew up the other day because my husband dropped his fork on his plate and it made me jump!!


Kimipiele - March 12

Unfortunately, there are so many things associated with FM that can cause irritability/anger. As mentioned we're tired and in pain and just angry at the illness itself. From my experience medication can also cause this, such as antidepressants, lyrica and norontin. Speak to your doctor about the possibility of any meds you are on contributing to the irritability. Sometimes just a change in dosage can help. Good luck to you.


Fantod - March 13

Here is another thought which I forgot to include in my original comments. Try a supplement called L-Theanine. It has a very mild calming effect. I use 200 mg at bedtime and it carries through the day without feeling hung over. I find it really helps take the edge off.


Gabbie - March 13

Thanks Fantod. I looked it up and was glad to see that it was a herb-type thing. I've looked into some of the medications that a prescribed for anxiety, etc. and most have some awful side-effects so I'm plodding along without taking anything other than a little tylenol PM to help me sleep. First chance I have I'm going to a nearby vitamin shop and give it a try. Thanks for the info.


diddles - July 10

yes you have described it to a tee!


Tracieg - July 11

Everything bother me. Co-workers, husband, his children, their mothers, the pain. I can even feel my chest tighten up when dealing with certain issues. I'm so afraid that one of these days when my husband is dealing with his ex's I'm going to have a heart attack. No one seems to understand the pain, which as you all know is so frustrating. The other night my huband said to me I want my wife back. That ticked me off. Doesn't he think I want me back! I tried to explain it to him later that night but I'm afraid he'll never uunderstand. He claims he wishes he could help me but when I explain to him that if he would not brush me off when I am hurting and be genuinely concerned, that would be of great help to me. I feel like no one understands and that he thinks I'm just faking the pain. He was with me when I was diagnosed but if you don't have it you don't really understand. Sorry I think I rattled on but I know you all know what it's like. Tracie


ozkells - July 14

I have these symptoms as well! I have had FM for 10 years but continue to be in some sort of denial! I feel for my husband because he cops the brunt of my frustration, but you are right - unless you have it yourself it is really hard to understand. I have only just discovered this forum and can't believe I haven't seen it before. Just reading everyone else's feelings makes me feel like I'm not a hypercondriach already. Thank you.


Gabbie - July 15

People can not understand fibro and although it took time, I finally came to terms with that fact. This forum has been the most help for me because everyone here does understand. I take the L-Theanine in the morning that I purchased at a Vitamin Shoppe store and it really does help to take the edge off and I've found that I'm definately calmer. I still get my moments, but what a difference between a few months ago and now. I would encourage those of you who are experiencing that "time bomb" feeling to try it. If you are reading this Fantod, thank you so much for recommending it! For Tracieg and Ozkells, I also found that by visiting this forum each day and reading and sharing with other fibro sufferers, I don't get as angry with others that have no idea all the awful things that come along with this condition. "Talking" here helps to get out some of that frustration. I wish you all well.



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