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Earthquake vs fibromyalgia
10 Replies
Myriam - June 24

hello all, I live in Ottawa ON Canada. We dont get earth quake. But yesterday we did. Here is a few things I noticed, before the earth quake I felt so bad, I was dizzy and nauseous and had bad pains all over my body. When the earthquake hit, my response which should of been "run!!", was instead Freeze. I read that in situation like that fibromyalgia sufferes dont have the good parasympathic nervous responses. I had a panic attack afterwards, which is another thing fibromites are more proce to. I was shaking from head to toes, really shaking, hyperventilating, I was white as a ghost, and felt like vomiting.

Today, I feel like a fire truck ran me over twice: massive headache, neck stifness and pain, back pain, nervousness and anxiety, pain PAIN in my legs like never before. I feel dizzy and nauseous.
I hope everyone is ok, and for those of you who may live in US and get earthquakes often, god bless you! 'Cause you are a lot more brave them me!


Noca - June 24

If no one had told me there was an earthquake I would have never known. I live outside of Toronto and didn't feel a thing. Hope you are feeling better now then when you wrote this post.


Myriam - June 24

Yes Thanks Noca, I'm better now, it started only few kilometers from ottawa. It may be why you did not feel it.


Stacey373 - June 24

OMG! How Scary!

I live in southwest Washington (Columbia River Gorge)just across the river from Portland, OR. They say all the time how eventually we will get hit by the "Big One". We have had small earthquakes in the past, even one that literally knocked me off my feet when I was a teenager. But haven't had anything that was too bad. And I really hope that we never do get the "Big One"....Super Scary!

I sure hope you are feeling better, Myriam. Maybe today is a good day to just stay in bed!

Take Care of yourself, Stacey :o)


Beone - June 28

Hi Myriam
I live in New Zealand and my symptoms flare up about a day before earthquakes, very noticeable i even charted my symptoms earthquakes and solar flares a few years ago and they match in frequency, I think we become more sensitive in the nervous system and the brains ability to feel electromagnetic changes, I found grounding crystals help but are not a cure, they do protect you aura or energy field.
love Beone,


ptalana - June 29

I also live just west of Toronto and my whole house shook!!! I was resting on the sofa which decided to move across the room. Very scary, but thankfully no damage done.


denise_24060 - August 24

I was wondering if anyone else was having a lot of pain after the quake. My whole body hurts, even the slightest touch to my skin makes me hurt. I live in VA. Having to take a day of PTO because of the pain. Oh how I hate Fibro!!!!!


jrzgirl1 - August 25

felt it in shook and hanging lamps swayed


January - August 25

Wow, what an interesting post! I had much worse pain than normal for several days prior to the quake (couldn't figure out why!) Then during the quake, while everything was rolling and shaking like crazy, and people were panicking, I was calm! I've been in quakes before, but this was the longest one I've ever experienced. Yesterday they said there wasn't much damage, but today they have found a lot of structural problems in buildings. Lucky no one was killed!

And today I woke up with a monster, monster migraine. I had one a couple weeks ago also, and I almost never get them any more.

Interesting idea that our pain level might be somehow related to us being sensitive to geomagnetic changes. I saw several reports from zookeepers who said some of their animals started acting strangely before the quake arrived. The elephants all huddled together; the gorillas jumped into the trees. And… the fibro people all went to bed moaning in pain! LOL!


LlamaMama - October 7

I know this is way late but I have noticed the same thing with earthquakes, even the ones I can't feel. I get that feeling with bad pain and head issues and all. I live in Texas and we just don't get quakes down here, but lately we do. I when I feel like that if I feel no motion under me I check the USGS site and bingo there it is.
Was considering a move to Hawaii now I'm not so sure.


Jocelyn - October 8

All of these post were very interesting for me to read. I do agree with all of you that when one has Fibro, sensitivity to one's surrounding becomes elevated. We have had a couple of earthquakes. We are not prone to them, but we have been warned about the big one. I really do not feel anyone in this world can predict when and if in our lifetime the big one will hit any one of us. They can't even predict the weather correctly. If the big one comes, we will be all taken off guard and we will do what we have to do, but I tell myself to not worry about something that you have no knowledge that it will ever happen in my lifetime and no control over it if it does.

Sometimes making an evacuation plan may help ease your anxiety, just in case. It may make you feel better.

I hope all of you that were in the earthquake that happened are safe and feeling better. It must be o scary to have one that big. I've only experienced little ones and they were not much to do about anything. I hope you never have one again!



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