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shula - October 27

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone has experienced this. I woke up Saturday morning with comlpitely stuffed ears, left is worse then the right one. It feels like a bomb went off near me and I have ringin, buzzing in one ear, also I hear sounds as though I am under water. Also when I put the phone to my left ear there is a very loud buzzing noise. I know that with fibro there are symptoms related to ears, but this has gone on longer then usuall. Any feedback would be great.


Fantod - October 27

No - I would venture to guess that you have some wax blockage, an infection or something to do with your sinus affecting your ears. Time to see the doctor and figure out what's going on. Take care.


Gabbie - October 27

Hi shula. I do have a problem with my ears. I have a ringing/buzzing noise pretty much all the time. There are other days when my ears suddenly "block up" and I get weird sensations and noises at that time also. I read that people with fibro can have the problems with the ears. I also have TMJ which can also cause the ringing/buzzing sounds. And, as Fantod said, it could also be a sinus problem. Your doctor would be the one to find out for sure. Good luck.


hellou - October 29

Hi there. i have had this problem for 2 years.Ears feel blocked and itchy and constant sonds in them.It drives me mad and my doc can't find anything wrong so I can only put it down to Fibro. Hot baths do help but relief is only short lived.


Cindy Solak - November 5

I finally had to have my ears tested. I was told the constant ringing is due to hearing lost. The ear nerves are trying to compensate and reach out to get the sound waves. I can't stand the constant ringing & under water sounds. I have yet to find anything to help lower the noises.



constantlydistracted - November 16

Hi Shula, had never had an ear problem until about a yr ago and I'm in my late 40's. Mine felt like I was underwater but like they were packed with cotton. I was trying to get healthly enough to fly to Hawaii so my doctor prescribed antibotics and drops to dry my ears up (constant dampness in them, one much worse than the other). See your doctor he should be able to prescribe just the thing to help you. Good luck!


toots2889 - November 17

Hi shula! I two have these same problems. I was told by my dr. its the fibro. Its no fun thats for sure and can bring on my migraines. The water in my ear feeling is the worst. My ears are also very sensitive to noise. Mine can last for days before it goes away. Hope I was of some help.



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