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Early Signs of Fibromyalgia
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aseid5 - September 11

I am fairly new to the site. I have been doing research about fibromyalgia for my husband and now I have been told that I have the characteristics of Fibromyalgia. I am only 42 and I have osteoarthritis and have been experiencing symptoms for about a year now of stiffness and achiness in all my joints. I thought I may have rheumatoid arthritis but the tests came back normal. I had xrays and MRIs and have a couple bulging disc and some early signs of arthritis but I feel so achy and stiff in all my joints compared to what the xrays show. Everything seem to come on suddenly. First, I had severe pain in both my hips and then it seem to kinda spread everywhere. Although about two years ago, I noticed that I was having stiffness in my neck and shoulder areas and now there is pain and stiffness. Long story short, I was in an accident in 1998 and was told had cervical sprain and had therapy off and on since then. Have had a lot of stress in my life since I was young and even to now. Over the years have had a lot of fatigue feeling like I just barely have energy for things sometimes and other times not that bad. I recently went to a pain specialist and was told that I have chronic myofascial pain but when I asked about Fibromyalgia, he did not want to say Fibromyalgia because of insurance reasons or social security, etc. I also suddenly had a case of breathing issues and was told I have mild asthma and allergies and I am very chemically sensitive to all sorts of odors.

I am very frustrated and confused and angry about this whole ordeal. I just recently found out about fibromyalgia due to my husband's symptoms and it is just too wierd that we both are experiencing all this pain and various symptoms. We both have experienced the same kind of stuff throughout our lives and now this.

Sorry for the long comments but was wondering how anybody else's symptoms started out and how you finally knew that it was fibromyalgia and was wondering if you all think that myofascial pain (which is knots or trigger points) is same as having the Fibromyalgia tender points or leading to)?

Thanks for any input.



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