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Dry Eyes...
6 Replies
Jaynie774 - October 16

Does anyone have severe dry eyes. I was diagnosed 2 weeks ago and in that two weeks my contacts can not be worn longer than 6 hours. My Rhumetolagist stated at my appointment he couldn't beleive I was still able to get te contacts in. Just wondering if this is another FibroLand bonus;)


K2009 - October 16

Hi Jaynie,

Yes, dry eyes are common. I have them, and have to use moisturizing dry eye drops a few times a day. I have tried a lot of over-the-counter drops and the one that work the best for me is Optive - made by Allergan. I also sometimes get very small cysts in the whites of my eye - does not affect my vision, but feels as if there is a hair or a speck of dirt in my eye. My eye doctor prescribed me a steroid drop for the eye, but you can only take it for a week at a time. I load up my eyes with Optive before I go to bed, and the first thing in the morning. It seems to really help. Best of luck and hopefully some of this information will help you.


Jaynie774 - October 17

Thanks for the tip(s) K2009. So you go to your eye Dr. then? I went about a year and a half ago because of dry eyes and they put me on Restasis, and put tear duct plugs in and that seemed to be subdue the dryness, but being senative to light and the eyes being dry it is very annoying. I bought the Optive tonight form Walgreens so I am going to give it a whirl! Thanks again & take Care ;)!


K2009 - October 17

Hi Jaynie,

Yes, I see my eye doctor every 6 months and then as needed. I have heard a lot about Restasis but have never tried it. I really hope Optive helps you. I use it a night and in the morning and anytime in between. I'll cross my fingers for you and know that you are not alone! Kirsten :)


axxie - October 17

Part of fibro, dry eyes, yes, I use the same and it works quite well. At night I use the gel only for my eyes. I had cateracs surgery last winter, so it's very important for me to keep my eyes well lubricated. I got one eye that sees far and the other that sees near, I'm very prone to lights due to cateracs and fibro.


K2009 - October 17

Axxie - Good to hear that you have found some relief too. For so many years - before I was diagnosed - I thought my dry eyes were just allergies. Little did I know that the dryness and my eyes watering were a part FM. My husband still calls me "water eye." Be well. :)


katrinalove_1 - October 22

Yes the dry eyes come with fibro. I also Have dry mouth. I use Blink ,sold over the counter and it doesn't burn my eyes. Hope this helped. God Bless!



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