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Virg - October 11

I've been through a move which was very exerting and
pretty funny. Oh its been a challenge this time. My guy
Fred (Ya that's his name) says you go out of winter not
into winter,makes it a harder move change. Well Bless his heart and I will have a lot to share with you
who want to know what it's like for the spouse who
is dealing with a fibro sufferer. But for now I have accomplished more than I could believe I could but
if it wasn't for the beer during the move or cleaning '
I would have been holding my back. grabbing my shoulders, and keeping my butt up to hold up my legs.
We are happy to be here . Now the serious question,
how many of us depended on alcohol before we were
diagnosed and how many have lost the taste(which I
did until this move).


TERESA - October 11

I don't drink anymore! I have lost the taste for alcohol FOR MORE THAN ONE REASON!!!


Virg - October 11

Yup Teresa, I do understand.


Debra4Real - October 11

Hi:Virg I used to drink alot of wine.If i have a glass now the pain is 10 times worse and the wine tastes horrible.I loved dancing and throwing lots of dinner partys,now thats impossible to do.How is your moving going??..Take Care .Always Debra.


Virg - October 11

Hi Debra4Real, AAH,We did do the Martha Stewart thing (gosh that woman could get angry with me for using her as the fibro woman who did it all) We can't dance as we did, nor can we do the full dinner partys, but we could have our stereo on and have friends come over
and enjoy a one glass of wine or whatever we want and eat munchies that I'm sure we or our friends want to bring. That just sounded inane but what
I mean is they could drink what they want and we could enjoy just being thier
friend. Move is over now its the logistics
of closing down one place and finish setting up the other . The heavy part was the and is the all over the trigger points ( I wrote it that way on purpose because we all are in so much GD pain)


Stephanie417 - October 11

I dont drink much any more, but mostly because I have a two year old.. I like a glass of wine or a beer every now and again.. but thats about it..


Kimber2270 - October 11

I have cut out alcohol except for an occasional mixed drink. All beers and wines are out for me as they bring on my pain.


Gmasboy - October 11

I don't depend on it, but I do have a glass of wine or beer couple times of week in the evenings when the pain is rougher than usual and sleep is eluding me.
I won't over do it...I found out the hard way...went to a tastes morning pain is 3 folds worse...I even asked my dr and since I do not take heavy pain meds and I don't abuse the drinking he said it would not hurt...


carm - October 11

I do not drink but on a rare occassion but haven't noticed a big difference in pain when I have in the past.


BrandyO - October 11

I'll have an occasional beer (maybe one a week) in a frosted mug during the summer months. Maybe a glass of wine Christmas Day/New Years Eve. I never have been much of a drinker. I use to drink fresh brewed ice tea with Splenda all the time but now I try to stick to drinking water and some skim milk . I can't say that I notice any pattern in pain or relief of pain when I do have that occasional alcoholic drink. Take care everyone! Brandy


barbar - December 17

Good question, Virg.



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