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Dr.Sarno the answer to all your pain
7 Replies
Jesse - August 6

Go to and buy the books for your body/mind.


stop playing games... - August 6

you can't buy the books at its just a forum. the more people turn this into a joke the less possibility that someone will read the books & get well. no one is trying to make money out here. I've never met Sarno & he's certianly not cutting ME a cheque. I would still recommend checking out our site to learn more about your condition, this is turning into a joke out here & the whole point is to give people another option. take it seriously & stop goofing around with the multiple posts!!!!!


lynne - August 6

This guy is lying .Yes there is a link on that site tat he is sending you to.Its buy the books.I think his sole purpose is to make debra go crazy because she did not like the book.he is out to play with you all.Get lost you big bully.Leave us all alone.


screw you Lynne..... - August 6

I MEAN DEBRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUCKOO CUCKOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lynne - August 6

My name is not debra you big looser.


DEBRA = LYNNE - August 6

looser? are you describing what a slut you were in college? you LOSER!!!!!!


a voice of reason - August 6

if anyone would like to know what's really going on here without jumping on my throat I'll try to tell you. apparently someone mentioned this post at another forum some of those people who are very strong sarno believers have come here to post their opinions. if you go to their site you will see that. I really don't think that this is just ONE guy posting here since this is a fairly hot topic on the tms site right now, it has alot of traffic, almost 200 people have read it so far. it's very sad that some people are so close-minded, suspicious & dismissive. especially since if you were open you might learn something & get better, that's of course your choice.


Shari - August 6

Well,if you dont want to read the books then you can all fuck off.You are all SLUTS AND PHYSCO BITCHES OUT HERE,



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