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lasmeans - February 12

does anyone have a Dr who acutualy treats them? My dr gives me meds that let me sleep through the leg and foot cramps, but thats all. He doesn't seem to have any other ideas, except light exercise, which only seems to make it worse. Does anyone who actualy knows what I'm going thru have any ideas


Maggie - January 8

Dear friend, yes everyone on this site and sites similar understand what you are going through that is why there is such sites.
We all have times when the pain is so bad you think you are going out of your mind!
If the Doctors had the answers we would'nt be tapping away in desperation whilst in pain sitting at a computer trying to find some help for ourselves and wondering why the hell this is happening to you.
Acceptance and time is a great thing.
You have to find ways to make yourself comfortable and be kind to yourself when you know you are going to have a bad day. Just think about what you would like to do when a good day comes along, something do-able.
But, on the not so good days don't beat yourself up about it, get out the old films, turn up the fire, get out your cosy pillow etc. etc.
I have taken things up that I would'nt have done when I was working like a dog everyhour god gives earning a living. For example, I have recently purchased a synthesizer keyboard and am teaching myself how to play it and read music.
The last thing I want to be is patronising and I hope I am not coming across like this.
Keep reading how other people cope and try a few thing out for yourself, see what works for you. Best wishes


cathye - February 1

My rheumatologist has told me that the two most important areas of treatment for fibromyalgia are sleep and exercise. He said that I should expect to exercise 5 days a week...for the rest of my life. I can't say that I have done that faithfully, but it does make a difference. The key for me is to be careful not to overdo. Exercise can indeed make you feel worse if you are not careful, especially if you exercise too strenuously when you are feeling well. One of the books I read said that even 5 minutes of walking is good when you are in a flare situation and that it will eventually make a difference for the better in how you feel.


intheknow - February 12

Did you know your insurance company dictates the tests you get and the answers your doctor dismisses as Fibromyalgia? I've been going through this crap now for over 7 years, and continue to worsen. Lung disease, thyroid disease, nodules, fevers, liver and kidney disease, and the list goes on... The fact that doctors don't even examine or even touch me anymore and keep dismissing my problems as "fibromyalgia" made me realize that there is a conspiracy going on. Go do an internet search on "Fibromyala dismissive" and read up on the controversy. Here's what I've had to do in order to have a physician finally admit that fibromyalgia is merely passive to satisfy the patient and keep the insurance company from paying to allow a correct diagnosis and treat you effetively. You really need to research your symptoms thoroughly. Print off the facts you find, ask for specific testing and most important of all...BRING A WITNESS TO YOUR DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS. You must drill your doctor with your witness present why they don't test for other possibilities based on the facts. Be sure and request copies of your tests so you have the information you need to keep researching the possibilities.'re in for a rough future, and paying for the insurance company's profitability through your suffering. Best of luck!



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