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Dr. recommendations
3 Replies
Questa - April 7

Can anyone recommend a physician in the Fort Worth, Tx area? I have been going to a dr in my small town for a couple of years and I am now realizing that she does not understand this condition at all. When I told her that I had not slept in multiple nights, she said all sleeping pills were addictive and too expensive, so she couldn't prescribe them for me. She agreed to write me a script for one muscle relaxant a day. This is like puttling a band aid on a broken arm! I have suffered this condition for 26 years and it is getting worse since I have started menopause.
If anyone knows of a Dr, I would certainly appreciate the info --and God bless all you folks who suffer like I do-we deserve to live rested and free of pain!


larry - April 7

The fibro and fatique centers are in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. You can check out their website for the clinical info and details on their successful program at They definitely do not put bandaids on this syndrome, they address everything at the root and repair it. Good Luck!


skidoo - April 7

Hey, Larry. Can you please let me know how much out of pocked the F&F centers have cost you so far? Are you curred or still in progress? Has your insurance paid for any treatments? I have heard reports of total cost for those still in progress having spend over $4000 out of pocket either after insurance or insurance did not cover, not sure which. I will not go because all they will tell me is first visit cost which is around $100. Everythig else is suspiciously vague.


larry - April 7

Hi Skidoo- I think your figures are good, I was going to say that you can spent between $4-6K over the course of entire program. I participate in their care-credit program where I put ALL expenses on this card, pay no interest and have a few years to pay it back. I then submit the bills to my insurance company for reimbursement. I had cigna insurance up to Jan 31 and then we changed to Oxford. Both companies reimbursed us, one at 70% and the other at 80%.. Insurance does not cover any supplements, anywhere. Our Insurance covers the prescriptions, blood work and the doctor's visits. I am not sure how much of my grand $$$ total is for supplements and how much is for the prescriptions, blood work and doctor visits. I haven't done the breakdown. I have my 6th appt. on Monday. I am back to living a normal life again. I am taking hormones for the pitutary disfunction, adrenal exhaustion, something for the hypothalmus and thyroid hormones, to name a few. I felt sooooooooo much better the first month after jus getting my hormones stabilized. I was on 100mg f t3 only thyroid hormone and I felt great. t3 hormone is very beneficial in treating fibro. (FYI, Synthroid is only t4 and synthetic which is why so many are still sick.) Last month we raised my cortisol (adrenals) hormone and changed my thyroid to 50mg t3 and 50mg t4. instead of 100 mg of t3 alone. Well I started to feel stiffness and some soreness in some tenderspots again and very sore feet. I am going to get my t3 raised back up to 100mg on Monday Interesting point all my blod work has always hown that my thyroid is fine! A great website to help you understand why your thyroid test can reveal that there is nothing wrong with your thyroid and yet your thyroid can be very, very sick is The doctors at the F&F centers treat you and your symptoms and do not invalid you by relying totally on lab tests that are incorrect 90% of the time. For me it was worth going to the F&F centers . I would willingly take out a loan or even spend $6K out of my pockets to get my life back. They have phone numbers on their website that you can call for additional info. I have never found them to be vague at sharing info and their website is very detailed. Your first visit will be more than $100. so tthe F&F center treatment may not be right for you. Good luck on your decision and pls remember that "you can't teach an old doc new tricks". This approach can cost you much more than $6k. and it can cost you many, many years of your life being sick . BTW- the F&F centers are very willing to work with your doctors if your home's location make if too difficult to travel to a F&F center. Good Luck.



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