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doll1966 - February 28

I am becoming more angry and impatient at the ignorance of doctors. I went to a pain clinic, and the Dr made me feel like a drug addict. I gave him copies of mri's of neck and back plus rheumo report of fibro. I also have disc and arthritis problems in neck and lower back, plus mild impingement of spinal cord. My neck/shoulder went into the worst flare up of my life. I couldn't sleep, the pain was so bad. I tried everything and nothing relieved it. All he gave me was topamax and lidocaine patches, and told me to come back in a month with pharmacy records for the past year, and a blood/urine tox screen result, and if there were any drugs in my system he has the right to reffuse treating me. Does this sound normal?? I thought pain management was supposed to help, not keep you in pain. It wasn't like I just walked in off the street asking for drugs, I had a folder full of medical reports to support my complaints of pain. I have an appt with a new rheumo, but am afraid once again to be ignored. I need to find the right Doctor in or near Queens, NY. Please help.


Fantod - March 5

Have you called your local hospital and asked for a referral to a physcian that treats fibromyalgia? I would not be offended by the pain specialists attitude. Since we have such a litigious society he is being extremely careful. Mine acts pretty much the same way. They do get people faking all sorts of things looking for narcotics. Mine was not quite as extreme but he certainly grilled me and was adamant about handing out meds carefully. Give the local hospital a call and tell them you need help with a physician referral. Also ask them if they know of a fibromyalgia support group in the area. The people that attend the group may have some helpful suggestions. Take care.



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