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Dont know what to do anymore!
11 Replies
toots2889 - April 16

Im really fustrated and angry right now. I have once again been without my cymbalta for over 2 weeks. My insurance wants prior authorization before it can be filled. I went threw this a few months ago when we uped my cymbalta to 60mg. My doc then took a month and finally just ordered the 30mg tablets again and had me take 2. Well insurance isnt allowing that now either. So here I sit waiting for him to do what he should have done in the first place. He just has to take time and answer a few questions.
Yesterday I went to see a neurologist who also specializes in fibro. I was so excited to go, thinking maybe this guy could help and understand what im going threw since I got him off the fibro-friendly docs list. Wrong. All he had to say is he thinks more of my pain is fibro related and gave me a prescription for cymbalta which I explained to him wouldnt get filled without authorization. Then he gave me a slip for myofacial release, to have done. I cant even count on my hands and feet how many times Ive had this done. Its never done me any good and causes more pain than im in right now. Im ready to give up. I know that sounds bad, but i dont know what to do anymore and im fed up!


axxie - April 16

Hey toots2889, I'm sorry you are having so much problems with your prescriptions, it would sure help, if the doctor did his job in the first place.

Can you call the doctors office and tell them that someone has to do is authorize the prescription for 6 months at a time.

If they say the doctor hasn't written the authorization, then tell them you are in pain and ask them to see the doctor again and that you need sample packets to tie you over. Until you can get them from your pharmacy. Doctors' office have samples that you can get, you just need to ask your doctor for them.

I did and got four boxes that equals to one month prescription, that you need to ask, if you don't the doctor mostly doesn't remember because he's too busy treating patients.

Good luck to you


toots2889 - April 17

Hello Axxie, and thanks for the post. I have called and left messages for my doc. and he got around the authorization by giving me the 30mgs and just doubling the quanitity. Insurance caught that and put a stop to that to. Hes never gotten the authorization.
Im going to call today and see about samples. Thanks for that info.


axxie - April 18

Toots is your doctor daff, I mean why would you tell your patient to take two 30mg, instead of one 60mg.

Maybe he's asking you to take one pill and take the other at another time in the day? If not then it's going to cost you more money in co-payments, more pills bigger price.

I have been on 60mg cymbalta and find it works really well know. I've changed taking it from night to morning and I find I'm more able to do things around the house and reason better. I know I'll never be able to work, that's a given, but I do find that I can have some normalcy in my life.

Hope you get those samples and tell them you need enough for a month, because he takes too long to get authorization and you want to make sure if it happens again you'll have a back up of one month supply. That way you'll be able to always have some on hand.

My doc has prescribed them to me for another 6 months with a dispensing of one box of 28 per month. So now I have to go back and tell her to change it so that I can get 30 or 31 of these pills to cover the month. I found a pharmacy online that will accept my prescription and it's going to cost me half the cost then the regular pharmacy.

The one thing I hate is, the pharmacy make a big profit on them but the pharmacutical are changing their price every time I buy it, so we end up buy paying more money for them. Drives me mad that the government isn't legislating them more. It's all about making more and it's about us having less to survive.


JOEGIRL - April 18

Toots, Sorry to hear about you having trouble getting your meds. These insurance com. try to get people to take the cheap meds even if they don't work but they sure don't complain about getting the check for their bill. Makes me mad to and every year my insurance goes up with bluecross.It goes up but I can't afford to keep it and can't afford to drop it.So either way we lose and just keep pulling out the wallet to try to live a life without too much suffering.
Hope you were able to get your med by now


toots2889 - April 19

Still no meds yet. Going to go to the clinic on Monday and not leaving until someone does something.
I was starting to feel good again, until this happened. How do they expect me to get any better when this stuff continues to happen. Im taking pain pills left and right because im miserable. I thought the goal was for me to have to take them less but I cant when they do this to me. Thats why I went to the fibro-friendly doc, I got off the web sight. He too gave me a prescription that hasnt gotten filled for the same reason. Im hoping he will follow thru and get me the approval come Monday, if not I will go and not leave the clinic without samples in hand. Thanks for the support and making me feel like someone is listening to me.


axxie - April 19

Hi again toots, you need to emphasise that you need samples (this will help you between the times your doctor does this to you again).

On another note, have you looked at getting your supplies from an on line pharmacy. They usually cheaper and will give you a bigger supply, then you send the bill to your insurance company if that can help, just buy through a canadian pharmacy, usually from Alberta, you don't need to wonder if it's the real thing, they only dispense with a prescription.


toots2889 - April 25

Hey Axxie, I was getting ready to head to the clinic and thought Id call the pharmacy first. Ill be dang, he called in a prescription for me and said to come get them in a few hours. I couldnt believe it. I get there to get them and once again its the 30mg tablets and im to take 2. I only got 30 pills to so i know he still hasnt got the authorization. At least I have them for now and am going to give them the prescription from the fibro doc and hopefully he can get the job done. I have an appt. with family doc on Monday and I think its gonna be ugly cause im really upset with whats been going on with me. Thanks for your help and youve enpowered me to stand up for myself.


axxie - April 26

Hello toots,

You have been through the ringer, more times then worth it, I just hope when you go see him monday, that you tell him that you can't be bothered with his management style, and that he'd better get on the ball. Tell him that he is playing with your wellbeing and that you can't have this, when you get upset, it flares up your fibro. Don't go in shouting like I would, you may loose the doctor and it's better to keep him on your side. Hopefully he will see the light and get your prescription changed to 60mg and that will be the end of that story. But like I said, remember you can still ask for samples of the 60mg, that way you'll have some for backup. Ask and you shall receive.
Good luck to you toots, and let us know how things went on monday. We are all rooting for you.


toots2889 - April 30

Update on my drs. appt. I got there and the nurse told me they just got the authorization from the insurance company. I was tickled pink. Then we got to looking at it and it was for 30mg. My heart sank. I thought hear we go again. The nurse said she would call the pharmacy and see if I got cleared for a quantity of 60. My doc comes in and I asked him straight out what he was trying to do to me? He assured me it wasnt him but the insurance company. After what they just showed me I had to believe him. We finished my visit and asked if he had samples I could get in case I still didnt get what I needed. He said they quit doing samples over a year ago. Now Im really worried. The nurse called 2 days later and to my disbelief there giving me 60 pills to equal my 60 mg daily. It must be cheaper this way. Thanks Axxie for your support.


WellAndFit - May 3

Hi toots2889,

There is a huge difference between the way myofascial release is done by traditional PTs and most massage therapists. Usually it actually soft-tissue mobilization, which is painful, and will aggravate tender points. Myofascial Release, as taught by the person who developed it 40 years ago, John F. Barnes, is gentle, cannot injure, and gives wonderful results with FM patients.

The usual MFR protocol is more of a deep tissue massage--the elbow or knuckles are moved slowly over treated areas. Or if cross-hands are performed, they are held for 30-45 seconds.

I am a John F. Barnes trained therapist. I can hold a release for as much as 10 minutes. I will wait until the area finishes releasing. My FM clients invariably leave my treatment room pain-free.

Perhaps the reason you found Myofascial Release to be so ineffective, is that it was not being done by a therapist trained in John F. Barnes Myofascial Release.


axxie - May 4

Hi toots2889,

I'm so glad it all worked out for you, at the end. Now hopefully this ordeal won't be repeated, heaven it took a while.

Now that you are started feeling better with your Cymbalta 60mg, please let me know who you feel.




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