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Dont be bullied.....
5 Replies
ccc - March 3

into taking anti-depressants/anti-convulsants (Cymbalta/Lyrica). My rhemo tryed to bully me into taking these medications. I have read so many horrific stories about these meds. I would rather manage with other ways then to have my mind screwed up as well.
I have been referred to an Intergrative Medicine doctor to help with defincies and pain.
i am currently taking lots of vitamins and getting ready to start taking D-Ribose for energy. I am also going to start Accupuncture for pain. The only thing that i take as needed is 1/2 Xanax when i am desperate as it helps with pain and gets me threw the day.
Just beware and not let doctors shove pills down your throat all the time. It wont solve the problem.


OnaJourney - March 3

Doctors make their best recommendations to a patient. As a patient you can say yes or no. A patient needs to be well informed. The advice I received is that if you are in less pain by takig Lyrica, for example, the more you are able to do, and in the end the better you feel.

I personally found acupuncture very helpful. I go once a week and that makes a huge difference to my progress.


Noca - March 6

Hey if your pain isnt bad enough that you don't want to try tried and proved methods of treatment and would rather do expensive low efficacy alternatives, then by all means do so. But don't rob other's of that option by trying to spread hate propaganda against western medicine.


denjen - March 6

Sorry but I agree with Noca. I can't do a certain diet since my taste buds are always changing. I may like something one week then can't tolerate it the next. I don't do acupuncture because I am so hypersensitive I can't handle being touched let alone a needle going into my skin. I get relief from my headaches and back aches from a chiropractor, doesn't mean you will.
If what a doctor prescribes gives you positive results then stick with it. If homeopathic methods work do them. I feel guilty enough for feeling the way I do, I refuse to feel guilty because I don't want to change my diet. Doesn't mean I won't try it but it's really about me not anyone else.


January - March 6

ccc - hang in there and good luck to you.

Since we're all different, I think we should all get to use what helps us the best. We should make our decisions with all the facts and risks in front of us, and it's our responsibility what we want to tolerate in terms of side effects. Doctors are too busy and overloaded, and right now the easiest thing to do is just write a prescription for the latest heavily marketed drug.

But certainly, some of us don't want ADs and ACs and they really ARE being pushed down our throats! They cause horrible side effects for many of us. It's hard to find anyone who has time to get a proper diagnosis and use alternative methods and older drugs, so OUR rights ARE being taken away slowly. Lyrica and Cymbalta aren't going anywhere!

I support ccc speaking up. I don't think she's trying to take away anybody else's meds - just offer a different view. If you WANT to take these meds, you can get them anywhere. If you DON'T want them, you are in for a much longer journey!

And acupuncture works well if you get the right person!

Cheers all.


ccc - March 8

Comment back to Noca who thinks that my "Pain isnt bad enough" because I refuse to take Cymbalta/Lyrica. Let me give you a little glimpse of what I have gone through in the past 5 months:
*Extreme exhaustion
*Feeling like i have flu everyday
*Sore arms/legs
*Constant pain in neck & back of skull
*Excrutiating headaches
*Hands going numb at night
*Hand turned purple/toe turns white (Reynauds)
*Intermittent flaming scorching sore throat
*Vein pulsating
*Feeling of broken wrists at times and like i kicked in the ribs.
These are just of a few of my symptoms, the list goes on and on. I have had CT scans of my chest & stomach. MRI of my brain/ultrasound of my legs/ECG's/Stress Tests/Heart/and more blood tests than I can count! All of these tests were performed by 'WESTERN' Medicine. Before you start hating on "me" and my decision not to take these prescription drugs you should re-read my original message which is just a warning to others who might feel the same pressure by their doctor. It's ok to say no. If these meds work for you, than great! It's just my preference not to take a medication that I can't just stop taking and that alters your mind to the point of no return. I personally dont want to add even one more symptom to my already long list of problems. I have read and spoken to alot of people about these medications and while in fact they do help some people, most people have had severe side effects and were sorry they even tryed them.
Good luck in your journey!



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