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8 Replies
barbar - December 21

This is Barbara's friend, the one who loaned her the e-mail address to register on the Fibromyalgia Forum. I have been reading some of your postings regarding her death and am touched by your thoughts. I thought it would be important for you to get the bigger picture. Our beloved friend Barbara passed away quietly in her sleep during the early morning hours of December 18th. In addition to the FMS, she suffered terribly from terminal cancer. She had tried to continue working for as long as she could but had just realized that would no longer be possible. I am sure that what happened here made the final decision for her but I suspect that subconsciously it was more likely the cancer and what it was doing to her life that led her to her actions. It would have taken her soon anyway. She had been enjoying the forum very much until these mose recent events; the forum had been making her very happy. Under these circumstances, I am sure you can appreciate that her friends and those of us who call ourselves family would prefer to have no contact with anyone associated with the forum. Someone on this forum posted my personal work e-mail address, where I worked, and other personal information that makes it possible to contact me directly at work. They also provided information and encouragement for people to contact my employers and make trouble for me on my job. Unfortunately, I have been receiving some very negative e-mails already; the senders apparently believe these e-mails are being sent directly to Barbara. I always monitored her e-mails traffic and I surely would not have sent these, even had she been able to receive them. As for the attempts to cause me trouble on the job, I most assuredly would not have exposed these to Barbara, not in her condition. I am sure you can appreciate that under the circumstances, how her "family" and friends would prefer to dissociate from anyone connected with the forum. I am sorry for that. We will sit shiva until the sabbath. Our best wishes to you in coping with your disease and certainly Barbara would have wished you the best of the season.


AmberRose - December 21

Thank you for your kind thoughts and i hope no further harrasment comes to you from this forum, Seasons Greetings to you and barbars friends and family, i can only imagine the grief you are goign through at this time of year!


zchivago16 - December 21

I just logged on today and read this. I cried, for she was one of whom replied to my question when I first registered. She seemed so helpful and considerate! I hope and pray that now she will finally be able to rest in peace. Along with no more pain. May you and your family have a merry christmas and hanukkha. Shalom Barbara!


BRENDA - December 21

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us!! I know that could not have been easy for you, when some mislead suls at this SITE were so awful to you & Barbar! I count myself VERY lucky to have know Barbar & call her FRIEND!! I will MISS her FOREVER, terribly!!!!!!!


cherokee - December 21

Where was Barbara from? I was wanting to read her obituary. Rest in Peace Barbara.


AmberRose - December 22

Yes i wanted ot read it as well


cherokee - December 24

I believed she lived around Joplin MO, but I did not have any luck finding her obit.


Debra4Real - December 25

Hi: I'm so very,very sorry to hear the sad news about Barbar..I really liked reading her posts.I thought she was very wise and that she had a heart of gold.I found out days ago and ive cried alot.She was very nice to me and always gave me good advice.I miss her very much.She will always have a place in my heart.If any one out here knows her then could you please tell her family that she was very liked on here and that we will miss her greatly.Barbar may you rest in peace and my God Bless You.LOL.....Always Debra.


Iinda - January 14

Cherokee, so I guess we'll NEVER find that obit hey?.... I'm glad to hear that Barbar is actually ALIVE & WELL and is really named Lyle Anderson! The dumbest thing about this message is when the "guy" says he is "just her friend".... For God's sake..... IF I DIED.... MY OWN HUSBAND WOULDNT KNOW MY FIBRO PASSWORD......gimme a break!



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