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Don't let fibro rule your life!
3 Replies
from-fibro-2-college - December 6

Hello fellow fibromyalgians! I'm new here and must say very excited to find that there are fibromyalgia support groups. I'm 43 and was disabled at 37 with avascular necrosis which in turn resulted in two total hip replacements. Talk about a real slap in the face. I'd worked all my life and never asked any one for anything, then suddenly I was told I'd not work a physically hard job again. That certainly didn't set well with me. So, one year later I enrolled into college and have been striving to reach my goal thus far. It's taken me a bit longer than an average college student, but with strong determination and God's loving hand, I have completed an AA in general education and will return to school in Jan 09 for 2 more semesters to complete a proficiency certificate and technical certificate in phlebotomy and medical lab assisstance. Your dog-gone right I hurt and experience all the same symptons as others with fibro. By the way, to top it off, I was diagnosed with fibro one year ago. I refuse to be knocked back by these illnesses. Where there is a will, there is a way. I know it's hard, I fight depression as a result of the pain. Chronic pain and depression go hand in hand. But it's like this, you can sit home and hurt and feel sorry for yourself, or you can get back up and fight to have a normal life. You're gonna hurt either way. It's that determination and my faith in God that keep me going. If not for that, the fibro and the depression would take me down. I know it's hard, but don't give up! It'll be worth it in the long run. God bless!


Fantod - December 7



jacquie - December 28

You've got a lot of nerve telling people to just dismiss their symptoms and go on with their lives. Just where did you get the money to go to school? Funny thing is, I lost my job and everything I owned and became homeless when I got sick. You remind me of a spoiled brat who can't see anyone else's point of view. And I know damned well you don't suffer the same depression as I do. Very few people do who are still alive. So get off your high horse and get over yourself.


Marge Staffa - January 6

I think that your feelings are great I have fought very hard doing exactly what you have done but recently I have hit a point. that I really hurt and fibro fog is a really bad. But I feel during the bad times it hurts. But iagree that God and Jesus and reading the Rcovery bible has been working. the family that members who laugh atyou exercising hurts so I sure you have encouraging family members or freindss so This is great place to come for encouraging



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