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Does your pain get milder at times?
4 Replies
cathy - September 14

The pain that I experience in my arms and shoulders seems to ease up to the point of not being terribly noticeable at times. The numbness and pain in my jaw is usually always there, though. Is this typical of FMS? Some days I feel really good, almost like nothing is wrong, other days I feel terrible. Please read and answer soon.


Joni - September 14

I'm glad your pain eases up at times, many have constant pain and sometimes pain pills don't help much.Yes, there are good days & bad days..Jaw pain is typical of fms. The bad days make the good ones even better!! I wish you many good days!


Cathy - September 14

Thanks, Joni. It helps to have people who understand what I'm going through. Sometimes I think people are thinking my symptoms are all in my head, especially when my pain comes and goes like it does.Thank goodness I do have some good days. It can't imagine how awful it would be to have this pain constantly! I really feel for all the people out there who have to live with it every day.


tonyab1838 - September 14

I understand what you are going through, with people thinking that you are crazy. There is nothing worse then being doubted about the excrutiating pain that you feel. I have been there and even to the point of doubting myself as I am crying from the pain. Especially when you have every known test done and nothing comes back with an answer. I guess I am lucky, in a strange way, because my left arm and hand swells. That way there is proof that something is going on, to the people around me. Just remember you aren't crazy and that what you feel is real. Just believe in yourself and remember that we are here for you. Take care and God bless!!!


Jean - September 14

Yes, you do have good days and bad days. Pain comes and pain goes, you never know what the next day will bring. All my tests come back negative too. I have seen so many doctors to make sure this is what I have. When something is unseen it is hard to beleive. That's why we have a great support group here. We all understand everybody's pain, anxiety, and depression. You will at times question yourself but everybody does just know that it is a real disease and just do the best you can to educate your family, friends, and co-workers if you are still working. That may help them better understand your illness. God Bless and take care.



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