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Does this sound/look familiar?? Kim, Jolie, Teresa
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Helen - September 18

Hi guys- I just found this site, see below. Jolie and Kim- this could be the answer to your question as to where to start. Does it feel familiar when you read this? Something to think about…..

Recent Diseases & Hypothyroid

Since the 1970’s several new health issues and diseases have been “discovered”. In 1980, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia were first noted. High cholesterol wasn’t considered a widespread health problem until the 1970’s, and Depression has become an epidemic. In 1982, Osteoporosis also became a health issue. (Does any of this have to do with removing iodine, a necessary nutrient for the thyroid, from our foods about 50 years ago?)

In fact, all these health issues have become closely related to undiagnosed or undertreated hypothyroidism.

check out their “Dear doctor” letter, “Give me a Break” section , adrenal section, find a doctor section, etc., and their references…

Info about Synthroid and why so many people are still sick despite being on it.... (Teresa??)

1. Treating hypothyroid patients solely with T4-only meds
2. Dosing solely by the TSH and the total T4, or using the outdated "Thyroid Panel"
3. Prescribing anti-depressants in lieu of evaluating and treating the free T3
4. Telling thyroid patients that desiccated natural thyroid like Armour is "unreliable", "inconsistent", "dangerous" or "outdated".
5. Making labwork more important than the hypo symptoms which scream their presence
6. Failing to see the OBVIOUS symptoms of poorly treated thyroid, and instead, recommending a slew of other tests and diagnoses.

Very good site.


TERESA - September 15

Just what part of "I've NEVER been HYPOTHYROID" did you not understand?? I don't have a weight problem, my thyroid PANEL has been normal every year, & don't you think my doctor would have checked that out (with my history) before giving me a diagnosis of FMS?


JJ - September 15

The site is very informative but also very sales-oriented to a particular very specific brand of medication which makes me suspect. To Teresa, I think one of the points is that your thyroid tests CAN read normal and not be normal for you. It has been suggested that I see an endocrinologist, but haven't done this yet. I first self-diagnosed myself with hypothyrodism (thanks to the internet, lol) and was surprised when told that my thyroid levels were normal and I must have Fibromyalgia.


helen - September 15

Teresa- you missed the point altogether. Of course you have never been diagnosised with HYPOthyroidism- that is my point. Of course your thyroid panel is normal, that is another point. Of course your doctor would have checked that out given your history. That is exactly my point. Unfortunately the testing is not comprehensive. If you visit some of these sites you can get a better feel.

JJ, you are right about the "sales" look and feel of the site, but unfortunately all the info is real and Armour is the only natural thyroid hormone alterative to Synthroid and is more comprehensive, not just limited to t4 tests like synthroid. I think the website is very informative and right on. Unfortunately when ever a product is discussed it brings on skepticism. Armour can only be prescribed by a doctor. I think the website was written by someone that is passionate (and very knowledgeable) about the topic. Try to get pass the "sales feel" and read the references. I am visiting my doctor today and asking for Armour. I have heard great things on Armour for years- I was too stubborn to let that new info in, I let denial get in my way for better health, I also gave my doctors the complete and final say. I’ve grown up, unfortunately they do not have all the answers which is hard to accept as I was brought up to believe that.... now we have the internet for information so that we can become more of an active participant in our health quest.


LOL - September 17

Helen, just curious, do you personally reap any benefit, financial or otherwise, from the sale of Armour? One of the people pushing Monavie Juice here previously was a Monavie Juice salesperson and wanted you to place orders with her.


Julie - September 17

give it up Debra, nice name change! Judy is a great person who only mentioned monavie cause it helped her! you are an evil person! go away.


helen - September 17

no I don't benefit and have no connection with Armour. that is a GREAT question, I am just passoniate about the topic and dissappointed about the lack of info out there that keeps us sick. You can only get Armour from a doctor. GREAT Question!
Thanks for asking.

I wish!!!


Kim - September 17

Wow, I go out of town to Vegas for a couple of days and people are becoming very mean-spirited on here. -- I am taking Armour thyroid and it was prescribed by my doctor, nothing to do with the site Helen has mentioned. I haven't even looked at the site. My thyroid blood work has also came back normal and I don't have a big weight gain. I do have many of the hypothyroid symptoms though. My holistic doctor explained to me that my blood work may be fine and my actual thyroid is working propeely. The problem is that my body doesn't know what to do with the thyroid hormone it is producing. That's why I am on the Armour thyroid. My doctor explained because my adrenal hormones and neurotransmitters are out of whack, my body is competing with itself.


helen - September 17

Kim- great info! Thanks for posting. If you are comfortable with sharing with me, what part of the world do you live in and what kind of doctor is treating you? Thanks so much.


saira - September 18

It gets very difficult to judge info and advice given here. I really wish they could make this site more legit with moderators, etc. There have been some here obvoiously trying to capitalize on our pain by recommending a product they sell. armour is not one of these, as it is just a med like when people recommend that elavil or restoril or whatever works for them. Just use common sense when reading advice of some and don't get too excited if something sounds too good to be true because it probably is.


helen - September 18

Sairia- that is incorrect. Armour is not just a med. If it was just a med.or another pharmaeutical then more doctors would be prescribing it and more people would have known about it many years ago. That is the reason for this post- we need to do the leg work and reserach on our own to get a hold of a progressive doctor that works with us in understanding US and that is not brainwashed by the pharmateutical companies to just rely on oudated thyroid panels so they can prescribe more of their own pharmatecias. Armour is a bio-identical hormone combination that is identical to our body's hormone. It is also more complete as it addresses all the hormones not just the ONE hormone that the pharmatecial Synthroid addresses it. If Arrmour fell under the pharmaetucial classification then many doctors wouldn't be so against it and we wouldn't be so sick. If we just depend on the doctors for answers- we aren't going to get it. There is a huge difference and there is alot of info out on this. Also- this is not just about the thyroid, it is about the communication of all of our internal systems thru the pitutary gland, hypothalmus, adrenals, thyroids, etc. working with our Autonomic nervous systems which controls all of our body's functions such as digestion, (IBS), lympathic (dry skin. ucus- see Anne's site), reproduction systems (irregular periods, PMS, polycystic ovary syndrome, fibrcystic breast.) etc. Pls excuse the incorrect spellings, I am tired.


lol - September 18

yes docs are horrible they are killing us. they spit on their hypocratic oath.


skidoo - December 13

i dont know about armour but i do know hormone medications can be dangerous and should be taken cautiously under the advice of a REAL doctor who understands our horomone systems. I suggest a endocrinologist or your gynecologist.


Lucy2 - December 14

what is armour anywhay?


AmberRose - December 14

Well my iodine levels are fine i am only 26 so what does remoivng iodine 50 years ago have to do with me if im so young????i woudl assume that the the amount in our food is fine..i do beleive you canget sick if you eat i think there are a lot of good theroies out there but we will never know untill they are proven. I was first fiagnosed with hypo before fms an i have read abotu the corelation between the two but it is possibel to have one without the other, ive heard about all the diffrent tests and free tsh etc etc and i can only say that my doctor checks my blood every six weeks, Ive been on 50 mg synthroid for jsut over 6 months now and im going onto a dosage of 25 mg one day and 50 the next becasue there is no in bewtween dosage, my docotr checks all sorts of things iwth my blood besides the reg thyroid tests each time. Im fairly sure shes through and ive never had any doubts, she realizes i get tired and im still not doing well, i think it will take time to find the right thing and mainly becuase you dont want to swtich meds every otehr week cause that can seriously hurt you. But i think the main thing about having hypothyrodism migh tbe the fact that its a autoimmune is inmyopinion that scientists should be tryign to figure why the body would attack itself and maybe if we knew that things would get more clear..sorry ifmy typing is off or this dosnt make too much sense im extremly tired. i dotneven knwo if i got want i wanted to say out right....oh well i suppose i will check tommorow


teresat - December 14

If we are truely trying to squelch the Larry/Kathy/Helen ____ ! Then do you really think that bring back up these old posts s/he wrote, will do the trick????


JJ1 - December 14

teresat -- Who is "we" (as in we are trying to squelch Larry.....)? I am certainly not trying to squelch anyone and actually find the information he provides quite interesting even though the method of presentation and the antagonistic approach does bother me at times.



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