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Does this sound like Fibromyalgia?
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housc - February 11

I currently being evaluated by a Rheumatologist who suspects I have Fibromyalgia.

32 years old.

This all started with sharp pains in left hip which lead to numbness; this was followed by the same pain in left elbow that also resulted in numbness. I then developed severe GERD, and now today my symptoms have grown into the following symptoms that come and go:

Widespread pain, soreness, stiffness, and weakness throughout my body. I get skin sensations that feel like I have sunburn and someone is twisting the skin. I frequently feel a twitching/fascilations all over my body. I feel heavy on my feet, my feet get cold and numb allot, and sometimes my fingers tingle and are hard to move. I have electrical sensations allot in my legs. I sometimes feel like there is a pressure in my back and legs. I feel like my coordination is off, although there is no evidence that it is. I feel off balance. I sometimes feel like I have something stuck in my throat, or like something is draining. Swallowing is hard sometimes, talking sometimes feels funny. I am getting blurry vision.

Dr’s Seen
Primary Care

Tests taken:
MRI of Head, Neck and Spine 9/08 (Normal)
EEG 9/08 (Normal)
EMG 9/08 (Normal)
Ultrasound of Neck to measure blood flow 10/08 (Normal)
Endoscopy 11/08 (Hiatel Hernia, Gastritis)
Upper GI 12/08 (Normal)
Esophageal Manommetry 12/08 (Pressure on Lower Sphincter, Esophagus doesn’t squeeze that well, thought to be from server reflux)
X-Ray of Abdomen 1/09 (Gastritis)
CT scan Abdomen (Gastritis, sluggish Bowels, Kidney Stone)

B-12 On the low end of Normal – 236
Lupus - Negative
HIV/HEP - Negative
Positive for Lyme (1 of the 8 tested for, the Neurologist called it a false positive, a retest showed negative)
Negative ANA Pattern
Negative for SJOGRENS SS-A
Positive for SJOGRENS SS-B (Just a barely over the limit)
CK - Normal
Glucose Level was 120, slightly over the limit. The Neurologist wasn’t concerned. I am not sure what the levels were in the ER when they ran the labs they didn’t mention it, so it must have been ok?

The Rheumatologist is currently running an extensive Lupus panel that I should get the results of soon.


ItsmeWayne - February 12

It sure sounds like the illusive fibro may be there. It is so hard for them to diagnose fibro. Most doctors just don't want to go there!
I hope you get an answer soon!
The problem with fibro... most tests come out normal!
Itsme Wayne


axxie - February 12

Sounds like fibro, more tests will have to be run, so that they can get many negative, then they really know that's what you have. You see many other illness have the same symptoms as fibro and so you get to do all the tests, then when they run out of things to test you with, they pronounce that you have fibro. Welcome to the world of illusions, you get all the same symptoms and then they leave and then you get specific ones.
Rheumy is the right guy to diagnose fibro. Tell him to put you on some kind of medication if you are to ill to help you cope with the symptoms.
Good luck to you and hope you reply and let us know. Welcome to the Fms family.


Lydia - February 12

Go with the pressure/tender points. For sure way to tell if each area is painful to the touch.



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