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Does this sound like Fibromyalgia?
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FoGo - January 19

The thing with my symptoms is that I believe I've had them for my entire life - either that or from a very young age - because I can remember having pain in my joints very early on. This pain has gone undiagnosed for my entire life; we've done a lot of searching but nothing has really clicked. A couple days ago I read some information about it and thought it sounded like what I was going through, but also that my symptoms were very mild. It hasn't ruined my life, I can still function on a day to day basis, but I'm also limited from doing almost anything physical for prolonged periods of time. When handwritting I can write maybe a few sentences before the joints in my hands become tense and tired, and there's a distinct ache and soreness in my wrist and fingers. I'm not a big sports player but other physical activities leave me with similiar symptoms though not as severe in other joints including my knees, elbows, ankles, and back. There are times when I barely notice it unless I'm doing something physical, and times when my joints will ache all day regardless of what I'm doing (this is especially the case when it's stormy out I've noticed).

I have not noticed any other real physical symptoms; I am capable of sleeping. I am a very anxious person and slip into depression quite easily, but I'm hesitant to attribute these to something outside of my control as it makes me feel helpless. I appreciate your oppinions; I have not found a single doctor who has even had a remote idea as to what my be wrong with me, and any lead I can find is incredibly important to me.


Gabbie - January 19

FoGo. You certainly have many of the symptoms of fibro but it is important that you see a rheumatologist that is familiar with the condition. It is also important for you to have blood tests done to rule out any other problem and discuss your symptoms with the rheum so that you can find out for sure. What you have described sounds pretty close to what I feel (and I do have fibro) and I'm sure all the others on this forum, but again, it's is important for you to go the "proper route" and not self-diagnose. Good luck and keep us informed how you are doing.



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