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Does this sound like fibro?
3 Replies
Gizzy-G - February 14

Can someone help me? I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired. I live in a constant state of feeling like I have the flu coming on. I am achy ALL THE TIME. Latley I have been so tired. I fold a load of laundry and feel like I have just ran a mile. I have never had any tests for fibro. About 9 years ago a dr. told me I might have and perscribed a ton off meds for complaints I did not even have. He gave me migraine meds, anti depressants, sleep aids. I live in pain and feel at my wits end.


lightgreywolf - February 18

Hi, Gizzy. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so awful. Your symptoms do sound like fibromyalgia, and it's quite possible that that's what you have, but there are so many diseases and disorders that can cause those kind of symptoms. My doctor tentatively diagnosed me as having fibromyalgia, but he admitted, himself, that it could be any number of other conditions.

I, too, am on an anti-depressant -- amitriptyline, which is generic for Elavil -- and it's supposed to help relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia. The only thing it seems to do is make me sleepy and dopey, but that's where the treatment is supposed to lie; getting a better quality of sleep is said to aid in treating FMS. That said, I've not actually noticed any real improvement. I feel just as rotten when I get up as when I wasn't taking the anti-depressant. It doesn't matter how long I sleep, either. Four hours, eight hours, twelve hours -- it makes no difference. The pain, stiffness and fatigue is always there, so, believe me, I understand what you're going through.

Is my problem really fibromyalgia? Is yours? I don't know for certain. However, I do know that I'm going to battle on and keep looking for a way to rid myself of the pain and fatigue, whether they're caused by FMS or something entirely different. The best advice I can offer is for you to do the same. Keep pursuing the problem and, please, don't give up hope. A positive state of mind can even actually relieve some of your pain. My doctor explained that when you're happy, your brain releases endorphins, which reduce the sensation of pain. So, if there's some kind of activity that you really enjoy, indulge yourself for a while. Concentrate on the things that bring you happiness in your life. I would also request to be officially tested for FMS, just to find out for certain if that's what you're suffering from. Keep searching for answers and don't lose hope.

I wish you the best of all luck.


Gizzy-G - March 2

Thanks for your repsonse. I don't know how you do it. My doc put me on amitriptyline some years ago. He said take one a day. The problem was I took one on a Friday night and was out of it a very drugged until Monday. I was like man is this guy trying to kill me!? I have kids I do not have time to sleep for a weekend. I wish you well too. This winter weather is killing me. Are dry eyes part of the deal too?


llcsmom - March 4

Yes, Gizzy, your eyes can have fibromyalgia issues, too. Many people have dry eyes, blurred vision, and pain. My 11 year old gets episodes of eye pain. The doctor said it is the muscles behind the eyeballs that are affected by the fibro, and thus, it hurts when she looks around with her eyes.



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