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Does this sound like anyone?
5 Replies
desperate for help - May 20

I would appreciate any feedback some of you may have. I started twitching last February during a stressful period in my life. My mother and her male companion were terminal with cancer. I first started with a finger twitch then twitches all over, then isolated to same index finger on right hand and twitch in instep. I also suffer from diarehea. I saw a neuro who said no ms no als just stress. He did blood work an MRI everything fine. Now over a year later I still twitch, in those two spots, plus a few others here there, plus I have pain in my muscles in upper arms, like hard little spots, I have pain in the bottom of my feet like I've been standing in high heels forever, pain in my shins. I have no answers and at the moment no GP to followup with. I'm terrified its still als, but with the neuro saying no I should trust him. I have read twitching in fibro. Is this true? Any respoonse would be helpful. I tried paxil for months (in case it was stress) this did not help or change anything. I thought maybe it was stress. But my mother and her friend passed away in Jan and still I twitch. I quit my job in case it was stress, now I have no stress and yet still I have these problems. Thanks.


help - May 3

Your symptoms sound very much like mine. I, too, have had the Neuro tell me no MS or ALS yet I still twitch. I've noticed that after massage, which I've been getting once a week, that I twitch more often and with greater severity. I lost a brother at a young age, then eleven months later my father to a terminal brain tumor, had a skin cancer scare with my daughter and a surgical scare concerning my son, very shortly after that my wife and I built a new home and started a new business for which I quit my full-time job to devote myself to. In December of 2004 I quit smoking. I have trouble sleeping, my muscles twitch all over, particulary in my legs, I have some IBS and localized pain all over on occasion. Take comfort in knowing that most patients who present with ALS symptoms often have slurred speach, a side-to-side walking gait, rapid and unexplained weight loss in conjunction with muscle cramping and twitching particulary in the hands and feet. ALS is primarily seen in men aged 60+ and usually results in noticable muscle weakness. If your Neuro opts not to conduct EMG or Nerve Conduction Studies then I would seek a second opinion and if that second concurs with the first then I would take comfort in that fact. Look into Anxiety and/or Panic disorders of which the symptoms are closely related, some think intertwined, with FMS. Type A personalities tend to suffer greater symptoms with anxiety/panic/depression and the symptom list is literally pages long and can worsen and lessen not only day by day but hour by hour. Good luck and God Bless!


thanks for your reply - May 5

I am very thankful you responded to my question. I am sorry you also went through the pain of losing loved ones to cancer. Not only did I lose my mom, but also my father when I was 20. Thank you again in trying to comfort my fears. I think I will ask for a second opinion. I live in Canada and it is so hard to see anyone. The wait is usually six months to a year. But I've got nothing to lose. Once again thank you for taking the time to reply.


help - May 5

I tried to post my thank you to you for responding to my question; but it didn't show up. So once again thank you for taking the time to respond to my question. I think your right in looking into a second opinion. The only problem is I live in Canada and getting in to see someone is usually a six month to a year waiting period. However I might as well try. I am sorry you also experienced the pain of losing a loved one to cancer. I not only lost my mom but my dad as well when I was 20. I think that is why I'm scared about ALS I know the pain of losing parents. Being a mom with a 6 year old, I don't want him to know the hurt and disruptive nature of what a disease can do to a family. Besides he just lost his grandma too. Anyway thanks again. It was kind of you to respond to my concerns. Bless you for your kindness.


help - May 6

Take comfort in knowing that ALS strikes 1 in 50,000 and your chances as a young female are even less likely. Consider the possibility of an overgrowth of Candida Albicans of which the symptom list is as long as your leg and includes muscle pain and twitching. Also, consider Chronic Myofascial Pain Snydrome. The symptom list for it is varied and also includes what you've described. You sound stressed and distraught. Trust me I've been there. I was hospitalized for three days in October for what I now realize was stress and anxiety. in the last five and a half months my health insurance company has spent over $20,000 in my medical bills and doctor visits. I've been to different doctors over fifty times in that same period. The mind is absolutely the most powerful part of the human body and not only will it control your physical most certainly always does.

Remember: Life is meant to be lived one breath at a time and it is not measured by how many breaths we take, rather, it is measured by the moments that take our breath away! Live for and in the present moment and you'll recover from this dreadful nightmare of self-doubt and fear. Fear will pull you into a black hole that is tough crawl back out of. Spend some time doing things for yourself, you're worth it and as one of God's Creations, you deserve it!

Take care and God Bless You!


Robin - May 20

I'm no expert, but if I were you I would get a second opinion (neurologist). If you still test negative for MS or ALS, try seeing a Rheumatologist.



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