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Does the wind bother any of you, too??
5 Replies
peppergirl52 - March 30

I live in the Arizona desert, and this time of the year is especially unseasonably warm and WINDY! And when the wind comes in, and starts kicking up, I just about go crazy!
Not only do I have horrible pain, my mind just about blows. I feel like I'm going to head straight for the mental institution! I can't sleep well, and I just feel awful. It's a terrible thing to have no control over this.
I was just wondering if any of you have the same problem.
I know it has to do with the positive ions that are blowing around, and when the storm clouds roll in, and the barometric pressure drops, I can really feel that, too. Is there ANY where in this world where the temps stay fairly stable and there is little to NO wind??

Thanks for your time! PG


Wonka - March 31

It's funny, but not, how are bodies have become weather detection machines. We have a lot of cool damp weather here (Vancouver) and it plays real havoc on my body.


islandguy - March 31

Hi peppergirl52....where do you live?....... I also live on the west coast of Canada and have extreme difficulties in the winter months with the cold and the humidity. For the last few years I have been going to Lake Havasu for the winter and find it to be much more friendlier to Fibro that our weather. I flare up real bad during weather changes and Arizona (although windy) seems to have a much more stable weather pattern in the winter months.
I hear you about the clouds coming in etc., but believe me .... it is better than cold and wet. Take care....


peppergirl52 - March 31

I live in the Tucson area. I have heard that Lake Havasu is a good place to be in the winter, or any place that is close to water. Sure don't want to be there from April-September, though! HA. I guess we just have to learn to live with what the ions do to our bodies. I've thought of getting one of those generators. I wonder how those work?? Anyway, thanks for the feedback!


Ana M - April 8

Hi, Humidity and cold play a big role in my pain, the colder it is the more the pain. I am in central Florida and the winter is not too bad here, but for me it is because my body is not used to the cold, I have lived in s. florida all my life and recently moved to central florida where the winters are colder. I also notice that the days that are windy and no sun, I get much pain as well. Sunny days are good but there is always playing a role too much sun or heat is bad also.

I bundle up as much as I can and that helps as well. I also get acupuncture and the chinese doctor who treats me says that the body immeidately will let you know when the temperature is changing, maybe you can try some acupuncture and it may help in those months. It has helped me tremendously.

Good luck!


todbod45 - April 27

I have an awful time on windy days--it doesn't matter how nice the day is otherwise, if it's windy, my pain and fatigue skyrocket. It can come on overnight too--no warning at all.



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