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Does Splenda + fibro = increased pain
5 Replies
m.e. - August 3

I have had a wacky increase in pain recently and realized I have been drinking cranberry juice sweetened with Splenda. I thought that was a safer sweetener, but I am wondering if anyone else has experienced sensitivity or more severe pain when consuming it....looking for answers like the detective this condition forces us to be!! Hoping you have a good day!


bmcgovern - August 3

Hi m.e. I can't not have splenda anymore. I use to make stuff with it in it and have gotten really sick. It makes my stomach hurt really bad and i become really nauseated. I am actually going to try Truvia and see how i do with that. I use to be able to tolerate it i am so sensitive. I hope this helped. I wish you the best of luck. :)


Fantod - August 3

Absolutely, yes! I have been preaching about this for years. ANY artifical sweetner INCLUDING Splenda may increase your pain level. If you require an artifical sweetner use something made with the nontoxic Stevia plant. You can find Truvia or Sun Crystals in the grocery store right along side the other sweetners. Take care.


Katzra - August 4

I am sorry I haven't noticed anything with splenda but I don't think I really drink anything with it as an ingredient. I have noticed that if I eat potato chips my pain intensifies and I get exetremely fatigued, same thing with deep fried foods.


Fantod - August 5

Katzra - Deep fried foods and anything containing nitrates like lunchmeat or wine will also increase Fibromyalgia pain levels. Take care.


Zubi - August 6

m.e.--Yes! Splenda makes fibro symptoms worse. I had no idea what was making my symptoms worse, until I discovered for my own self that it was sucralose which is Splenda. Now, I stay away from all sugar free products...cause most of them contain sucralose, which is Splenda.



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