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Does lack of sleep trigger symptoms?
5 Replies
tinklover - May 25

Morning all,

I still feel funny talking about FM even though I haven't been formally diagnosed. Deep down I believe I have it.

Well, a few days of running ragged, not enough rest and an 8 hour drive home seems to have triggered quite a few symptoms. Is this normal?

Sunday (8 hour drive home) was terrible! Extreme panic attack, lots of anxiety, bad body aches and exhaustion. I couldn't go to work yesterday. I stayed in bed all day to recover from the weekend. I felt a little anxious yesterday just laying in bed and ended up with a headache in the back of my head/neck in the afternoon.

Today I am at work, but have a slight headache and have noticed that I feel very confused. I feel sore/achy in my neck and shoulders. I know I will end up taking some medication shortly.

I feel responsible for feeling this way because I was buring the candle at both ends. Does this happen to anyone?


Noca - May 25

I get anxiety/panic attacks/paranoia. I just use Xanax 1-2mg and it works great. Its truly a saviour.

I think an 8 hour drive would decommission anyone for a day.


Canada17 - May 25

At least six times a year we make a six-hour drive to my in-laws. This takes a lot out of me, generally I need a nap shortly after arriving. I basically suffer jet-lag on road-trips longer than two hours. I would hate to take a trans-Atlantic flight!

I fully recommend frequent stops to stretch your body and get your blood flowing if you're on a "road-trip". Heck, I recommend frequent stretching if you are going to be in any position for longer than 20 minutes (like working at a desk).

Broken sleep is almost worse for me than not enough sleep. Though both take their toll on me.

Spending the day in bed (or laying on the couch) ALWAYS leads to neck problems which leads to headaches. Even when I am sick I have to remember to get up and move around at least once an hour.

So, yes, it makes perfect sense. Just remember to be kind to yourself. If you do in fact have FM then you need to recognise your limitations (ie. need for stretching on road trips) in order to mitigate any side effects as a result of your actions (or inactions).

It's a slippery slope we climb, too much movement or the wrong kind can send us reeling and not enough movement can do the same. Over time you will learn what you can do, what you need to do, and what you should avoid.

In the meantime, we are all here for you. : )


tnichel - May 28

YES AND YES!!! lol. I tend to go rogue sometimes and don't want to sleep b/c I think I have better things to do. lol. It's probably one of the worst habits to have if you suffer from fibro. I'm usually ok though until I slow down or my first day off from work. Then I go down and can sleep up to 18 hours before I can function again. But yes, all of this normal. If I've been dong a good job at eating right and getting enough rest then it's not as bad. I don't take anything regularly for anxiety but I do have it and need to discuss that with my doc. I have a wedding tomorrow and I'm dreading the recovery. It will be a short roadtrip but right back to work Sunday. Anywho, your not alone. Hang in there!



I KNOW that overworking yourself, lack of sleep and stress can make your Fibro flare up big time! I am dealing with some family problems and my pain level has DOUBLED! I am always in pain anyways, but it is now so bad it hurts to move at ALL!!!
I am a 28 year old single mother, so it isn't like I can just quit doing what needs to be done. Dinner, showers, homework, dishes, housework, the list goes on and on.

I do agree that you will find what triggers your symptoms and you can TRY to avoid these. Unfortunately for me, a lot of triggers I can't Avoid. It just happens. There is hope! Or at least that is what I keep telling myself!

Hang in there!


mimosette - June 9

I 100 % agree with this "Broken sleep is almost worse for me than not enough sleep. Though both take their toll on me."

It's the pits.



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