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does it get worse
7 Replies
Tim - February 3

I have read that this is a condition, not a desease, therefore it is not degenerative or progressive. when I was given the diagnosis, the ruemetologist made this desicion mostly on my input of symptoms. he said that I only demonstrated 2 of the tender points but in his opinion that the tenderpoint test is not always a 100% test for FMS. At the time I was feeling pretty good as good goes these days, now two weeks later I have just had the worst episode ever and am getting paranoid about the future. So does this progrEssivley get worse OR NOT? does each flare up increase in intensity?? please your input would be appreciated..


JJ - January 30

Like you, I have been told that I have FMS, but don't have the signature trigger points. I was told that you can have it without the trigger points, and that the trigger points were initially used as a way to screen for research and testing.

My physical pain has been relieved considerably thanks to medication (Elavil) that lets me get into REM sleep. However, I do have bouts of severe pain.

I can only speak for myself, but I have not really seen this worsening, it is just that some days/weeks/months are worse than others. I see a direct correlation between the severity of symptoms and the amount of stress I am under (work, family, illness, etc.). Right now, I have the most excruciating pain in my left shoulder. I have a very limited range of motion in my arm. It is the worst I have felt in a long time, but I am sure it is due to stress at work. If I didn't have FMS, I would be wondering how I sustained such an injury without knowing it at the time!


Sarah - January 31

Just today, I thought the EXACT same thing! "I thought this thing wasn't supposed to get worse!" Well, I convinced myself that if that's what they said, then that's what they mean...and what they know. I think we "feel" more like it gets worse than that it actually does get worse. There can be flare ups, (see the question entitled, "what tends to make fibromyalgia flare ups") and you can see that we have lots of ups and downs and different things can cause different pains. Unfortunately, the term "degenerative" doesn't necessarily mean "no pain." It just means we won't fall apart in the process, though sometimes I know we wish we would, cause it feels like it anyway! Saying it won't "get worse" merely means it can't kill least as far as we are aware of. :) Keep on keeping on, even when it hurts. Seek out ways to lessen the pain. Journal the times you feel the worst and the times you feel your best and maybe you'll find some common factors. Then maybe, you could solve part of the problem!


Tim - February 1

thank you both for your input it is greatly appreciated now three days after the worst I feel pretty good just burning and some leg cramping am thinking of doing a fast to purify the blood and maybe get some toxins out of my system.. thankyou again


Tim - February 1

Just a couple more questions, how do your family's respond to this? It is new to us and they think for the most part that I'm being a hypocondriac and that I just make excuses to not do certain things. But there are times when just the thought of doing something that I know will cause pain, is overwhelming.I have alot of guilt about not carrying my load but for sometime now that load is more than I can carry. Sorry for whining but needed to get off my chest thank you guys for this forum it is really a blessing.


JJ - February 1

My family is pretty understanding. If I need to go to bed early or just don't feel like making a big supper, etc., they don't gripe and deal with it. My kids are all in their teens, probably the worst ages for expecting any sympathy from them. My husband is pretty understanding during my flareups.


Tim - February 3

No it does not go away,but you can help yourself controll your pain. Learn what causes flareups,then stay away from it or slow down.Your doctors can only do so much for this condition. Read everything you can on fybromyalgia and stay on this site so that we can help each other with our experience.


Jessie - February 3

My husband was very skeptical at first and kept telling me the pain was all in my head. This really didn't help the depression I was sinking into. But, now he's seen a lot of flareups and especially since I was diagnosed, he's been much more understanding. Now he focuses on helping me fight the good fight and not let the fms take over my life. The rest of my family is very understanding because I have an aunt and a cousin who suffer fms as well. We share helpful hints and share our "war wounds" when we have a chance to get together. At least we can laugh a little bit.



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