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Does FMS make cold symptoms worse?
5 Replies
Stacey373 - June 30

Hello Everyone! I've noticed the past few years that any time I get a cold or the flu I feel way worse than I ever did before I started getting the symptoms of FMS. Obviously with the flu my body seems to ache way worse than a "normal" person who has the flu aches. but right now I'm dealing with a bad cold and it seems like my symptoms are worse than what a "normal" person has to deal with. Also, it seems like this cold is lasting WAY longer than the normal period of time a cold would last.

So I'm wondering if FMS does actually make a regular cold worse?

Thanks, Stacey :o)


axxie - July 2

Stacey373, I have noticed, that when I get a cold or the flu, my body actually aches more. I have put that forth to my doctor, and she said diffinetely possible, but not because of the FMS, but because our bodies cannot cope with the additional assault of pain in our bodies.


solanadelfina - July 2

Yes, I've had viruses that lasted longer or gave me much worse coughs or sore throats. One time, I was so stuffed up that I was afraid to sleep or I would suffocate! :) Make sure to be pushing extra fluids, especially water and tea, and I hope it goes away soon.


moosiejean - July 4

Yes always - just allow yourself a little extra time to recover!! Hope you are on the mend soon!


Stacey373 - July 5

Thank You everyone! I think I'm beginning to feel better now. It's kind of day I'm feeling better and then the next I'm back down again with this cold! But I think overall I'm getting better each day. It just seems like it's taking Forever to get over this! LOL

Thanks and I hope everyone had a Great 4th of July! Stacey :o)


powderblue - July 9

Thanks for your comments guys. I was just wondering the same this week when I got another cold and it made my pain and fatigue worse. I also find that my colds seems to last longer.



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