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Does Fibro lengthen, make viruses worse?
5 Replies
FibroGal - July 28

I've had fibro for about 8-10 years now.

Do any of you find your symptoms, like IBS, muscle and joint aches, get worse with a virus and a virus takes longer to get over?

I've had a virus the last two weeks with diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, some nausea with one episode of vomiting, slight headache, and some vertigo. My doctor says it's a virus and viruses can last weeks.

The worst always goes through my mind. I have a history of regular blood tests and numerous medical tests, all of which show I'm healthy. But my anxiety has taken off.


chaplin - July 29

Sorry to hear you are feeling so crummy. I find it takes me longer to get better this year than ever. Every flu, cold and virus seems to linger. I noticed that after getting FM I do take a lot longer to bounce back.
Hope you kick it soon it is hard enough to deal with FM.


Fantod - July 29

My experience is that FMS makes everything worse. I just had a bad reaction from Savella and I am still a trainwreck. I've had infections, colds etc and all of them seemed to go on forever. FMS is an immune system destroyer so it makes total sense that it takes longer to get over a hangnail etc. Keep drinking lots of fluids, sleep as much as possible so you can shake this bug off. Timne to get out and enjoy the summer weather. Feel better soon!


solanadelfina - July 29

Here's hoping you feel better soon. (Chicken soup hug!)

Definitely they make viruses last longer. I'm having a little one right now and was so exhausted yesterday that I could barely move, and had a tough time throwing off a cold in March. We need a little extra TLC to send them packing and ease the symptoms during that time.


FibroGal - July 29

Thanks, everyone, for your support and encouragement. It *does* feel like it goes on forever. And, when no one else in my family has a bug I do, I get nervous. I don't want anyone else to be sick, it's just that when someone else in the family has the same symptoms, I feel a little relieved that I can go, "Oh, okay."


FibroGal - July 29

Fantod, love the hangnail comment. LOL BTW, what is Savella?



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