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Does fibro get worse with a trauma such as a car werck?
8 Replies
Sandy - July 29

I was hit by a car on Nov.5, 2004. Ever since then I have hurt worse and it is getting very bad. I have had to purchased extra equipment to help the pain. Is this normal?


Ted E Bear - April 21

I was in a car wreck about 15 years ago and the problems with fibro in my neck are really bad because I got whiplash


ropey - April 29

i fell down a manhole 9yrs ago,since then ive had widespread pain in various parts of my body,especially my neck!my mum &aunt both got fibro&my mum is convinced i have also got does seem that an accident can cause fibro to get mums did when she fell down the stairs 17yrs ago.


janay barker - May 11






Nancy - May 11

I, too, was in an auto accident where I was rear-ended. There was a direct correlation between that and the Fibromyalgia. Apparently it does not cause it but can "wake it up". The accident I was in was 3 years ago. I received a small compensation for physical therapy and meds, but never an acknowledgement of the Fibromyalgia. Apparently it is hard to argue the connection.


SonofFMS - May 13

my mother was in a rear end accident and it triggered fibromyalgia, I can;t say it worsended things rather it set it off.


Lisa - July 13

I was in a rear end accident also and I believe that set mine off.


Liz - July 29

I was involved in an accident and was catapulted o the front of a bus I was standing to exit when the bus made a sudden stop. I have been attending physiotherapy and having deep heat massage for almost two years now. For the past six months I seemed to be regressing and I am in a lot more pain that I ever was. My doctor said that I have symptoms (many of them) for fibromalgia and he is sending me to a rheumatologist (sp?). My question is can I have developed this syndrome from the accident or was it already there waiting to happen? I have gone on a Candida cleanse and yeast free diet as suggested on web pages and have found that my IBS has completely cleared up and I am sleeping somewhat better. I was put on antidepressants but went off them when I gained weight. Since being on this diet I have lost that weight and then some. I find that I hurt in a number of places that are not one of the trigger points. Is that possible? Is there a site that gives any and all of the symptoms connected to this disorder?



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