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does fibro effect your teeth
6 Replies
Rosalyn - June 18

I have had this illness for years now but lately my teeth are breaking and rotting my mouth is always sore partly because my teeth break then the they rub on the skin mouth is always dry I hate going to the dentist but dont really mind going to the dental hospital but I would rather just have them all took out and falsys put in I dont think I have one good tooth anyway.Just another thing to add to a long list of symptoms if anyone else suffers with there teeth please let me know


Fantod - June 20

Roslyn, I was quite alarmed when I read your post about your teeth. I do not believe that FMS has anything to do with your situation. That being said, the state of your teeth is most certainly affecting your overall health. I am phobic about going to the dentist too but not at expense of a bad tooth giving me heart disease or blood posioning from an infection. I urge you to go to the dental hospital and be evaluated as soon as possible. Your condition is not only uncomfortable but unsafe. Take care and let us know how you are doing.


ibritz - August 10

I believe it can, to a degree. Do you have any of the symptoms of TMJ? If you are grinding or gritting your teeth due to pain, stress, whatever, that could lead to problems with your teeth. I'd definitely see your dentist.


kaime - August 10

Hi Rosalyn...sorry to hear that you are going through a rough time! I remember when I first started having symptoms of fibro I had no idea what it was...My aunt (who is a long-time sufferer) told me about it and actually "diagnosed" me before I went to the doc...she said that fibro takes the calcium from your teeth. She has had problems with her teeth breaking, though not as severe as what you are going through. I don't know if this helps any...good luck!! ~Kelli~


randiew123 - August 12

I am sorry to hear about your teeth problem. I so hope that does not happen to me. Please Please go have something done about your teeth. Yes the health of your teeth does impact your over all health. If pulling them is what needs to be done do it. I myself would do all I could to save one of my teeth. Hearing this I will double up on calcium.


ibritz - August 13

I saw my dentist yesterday, and he took impressions for a mouth guard. Some insurances cover them and some do not. I don't know if mine does or not, but at this point I don't care. I'll try anything to relieve any of my pain.


kathleen Paterson - August 13





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