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ccc - March 3




George - March 8


Fibro FM, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, are sister disfunctions, sometimes are combined, and sometimes come one after another.

Fog, headache and flu like symptoms are the worst, it is COMPLETELY disabling.

My advise (in short, unless u want the long, it can sound too rough:

1. Consider yourself disabled. Get SSD. Change your life not to work or have any responsiabillity other then existing.

If you can work part time, and the job is really easy, AND you dont get any worst after the job, then by no means keep it, and consider yourself partially disabled.

2. The only thing you can do is increase your quality of life:

- move to Mexico, Thaildand or tropics... light, good weather can help even if you cant make it form the bed to the fridge.

- dont exercise, it seems you are in the acute stage, ANY stress for you is too much, even sitting, so rest is FIRST thing, it is not healing but it doesnt make it worst. You can stretch, go to steam room...

- quality of life, healthy life style... these are big topics but over time you will figure it out what is good for U....

- it gets better, but it takes LONG, LONG & an eternity but it gets better... but your life plan you had it before hand it is out of the window.

it sounds harsh but if I regret any... is precisely pushing it when sick... U make more damage, much more damage that way...

take care, and it does get BETTER, at least in our universe.


lucky13 - March 8

Yes, exercise can help, but you have to take it slow and work up to a routine. Aqua exercises are good because they are easy on the joints, also yoga is good and offers some good relaxtion and streatching, I would suggest finding a DVD for beginners or for those with athritis because they will be easier moves with less stress on the body. Also Tai chi for pain may be worth looking in to, I am thinking about trying it.

The lack of exercise is not good for anyone, anyone, fibro or not, will be more fatigued the less activity they do, that's just how our bodies work so giving up should never be an option. But it's okay to take it slow.

You can't just stop life, that means Fibro wins. You have to find a balance.

Had your Dr did a complete blood work-up on you, the extreme fatigue may not just fibro, there could be other things adding to it, like low iron, or thyroid issues. Just because we have fibro, we can't assume that all our problems are from it, important things could be missed.

Good luck


Cher0208 - March 8


I have to respectfully disagree with George. And I absolutely agree with what Lucky13 said. There is a saying that when your body is stagnant, disease will set in. Inactivity is not good for anybody. Even though exercising is that last frickin thing I ever want to do, it is the best thing I can do. I have been putting off working out in any form for a few weeks. Just adamantly stating to myself that I do not want to do it and I'm too tired. Well a week ago some serious numbness and tingling started in my hands and feet and believe me that got me off the sofa. My boyfriend showed me some Calisthenics (jumping jacks, bicep curls with a band, knee to chest, etc.) and I actually did 520 reps! With stretching in between. This was at night so in the morning I did about half of that. During the day some pain came. But not like the horrible flu like fibro pain. It was the pain that you get after doing some good exercise. When I got home last night I did some more reps. That's my plan. Calisthenics every morning and night. My energy is fantastic right now. Pain and numbness barely noticeable.

Drink Yerba Mate tea for energy. I have the endurance and also the chocolate one. They're great and have very little caffeine.

I left the hair cutting business and got an administrative job so I wouldn't have to be on my feet all day. But now way in hell am I going to collect disability. That would be the absolute last resort. I hated doing hair anyway. I'm much happier now. Like Lucky 13 said, DON'T LET FIBRO WIN. Fight this thing tooth and nail because those that do, win. My boss at the hair salon had fibro. She's 52, in better shape than I am and I'm 26. She takes no medications, works out everyday and treats fibro holistically. Granted she had her flare ups, she had bad days with pain but she was not letting it keep her down. She made the most money than every other stylist. We worked on Fifth Avenue in New York City mind you.

I would also advise getting a food allergy test done. I found out I was gluten, corn and soy sensitive. And when I eat something that isn't right for me I could fall asleep standing up.

I am reading a book Reversing Fibromyalgia and I highly recommend it. It's so uplifting. We are here to live life. To enjoy. To experience. But to just exist? No way. Ever watch The Secret or read the book? I recommend that as well and while I am recommending all my favorite motivational books try to get your hands on You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.

Have a great day!


January - March 8

I think we have to take into account how old the person is, and how long they have been struggling with this disease syndrome, and what other complications they have.

God bless all of us who just keep fighting and thinking positive. That's the best we can do! I've been fighting for years, but I didn't realize how hard it would be to get older. (You'll know when you get there!) I swore I would keep on exercising, but sometimes things take you down and you can't do half of what you used to.

But George is right in some areas - you better plan ahead for when you get older. Unless they find a miracle cure, this little Fibro Friend isn't going away. As you get older, things get harder. Winters and crazy weather are tough. And if you don't apply for disability shortly after you stop working, good luck with ever getting any. If you get back to work, you can stop the disability. But what if you discover, after years of trying, that you can't get back to work??

Pushing yourself can make things much worse, especially if you get run down and catch something else like swine flu or Epstein Barr on top of what you already have. You have to listen to your own body.

ccc - there are some good suggestions on other discussions about supplements for fatigue. You need to research and check with your doctors - but I use a lot of them and they help. Things like Ubiquinol, DHEA, gingko, huperzine, gotu kola… there are a lot of things out there, you have to find what works for your body. Eat the healthiest food you can and take vitamin/ mineral supplements. (Hopefully, they won't pass laws that make all these supplements illegal! People keep trying to take them off the market. The Vitamin Shoppe has a website where you can research information about supplements for fatigue. So does Life Extension.)

George - have you read about the connection between these sister dysfunctions and mycoplasma? I am intrigued by what I've found out. If the drug companies would work on a cure for mycoplasma, maybe we could all be rid of this.



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