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Does Depression Hurt?
2 Replies
Jean - April 12

Has anyone seen this commercial on TV, etc. Do you believe it? I think having FM and MPS puts you into depression making your body hurt but what is it when your body hurts first and then you get depression and anxiety over it?


TJS - April 9

Jean, Ive been diagnosed with fms Jan06, I think it is the result of chronic pain suffered from an injury as long ago as 1986, Ive had bouts of severe back pain off and on since. when I feel good every thing is great and even have optimism in my out look, at times there is pain in a certain area of my back and I am instantly in a fight with depression, this has been quit a struggle at times. I am sure for me that the pain is a form of memory that brings up the emotional aspect of injury.Yes I agree that the pain is first then the depression comes, it is a body response to the pain. I think that in 1986 that I had fms also. the constant burning of the skin the tension headaches etc.. however it dissapeared and never reared its ugly head until fall of 2004 then I was in the battle of it.
Seems to me that all those years I had the energy to overcome the depression with shear willpower. Now Ive had to deal with an Industrial desease that has resulted in lost income, and no hope of the future with that co.
they do not believe that the fms is for real( very stressfull) to sum up it seems that ive accepted this because I just don't have the energy to put up the good fight anymore. However I am still hopefull that I will be able to overcome the worst of it and get my life back.I try not to dwell on the pain and look for things to do that do not increase it. Sorry for carrying on so long but this is a great place to share our plight. Good luck and carry on the good fight. TJS


Jean - April 12

Thanks for your answer TJS. I've never been in a depressive state until I started taking the medication to bring you out of it. I am however not depressed and I have accepted this disease but what i haven't accepted is not being able to do what I like to do. I"ve always been a very active person like hiking, boating, physical types of activity and that has been hard for me to overcome. It hurts my husband also for he knows if I go try to play tennis, which is a joy to me I will hurt and he doesn't want to see me hurt. I have hope but not the type of hope that will bring my life back the way it was and I think that is hard for anyone in our position.



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