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Does anyone with Fibromyalgia have a + ANA?
8 Replies
chucksusanandgrace - December 26

I'm curious about this positive ANA. I've had a positive ANA for over 10 years. All of my Drs have said that it doesn't mean anything in itself. My current Rhuematologist said "maybe" lupus.

I'm not really buying Lupus because my symptoms all sounds like fibromyalgia (way more than lupus, other than the rash on my rash - butterfly) and ANA, and ACA.

Just curious if anyone else has a positive ANA.



axxie - December 26

chucksusanandgrace, you may want to read this article. I hope for you, you find out what it is, I tend to believe a rheumy because of the specialities they have. Just a thought!!

Acute Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus usually presents as an erythematous rash in a butterfly distribution on the face. This blush is slightly edematous and is located in both cheeks and across the bridge of the nose. The lesion usually appears after sun exposure but persists a few days to weeks before healing without scarring. It may be accompanied by erythematous lesions in other areas of the body. Usually more than 90% of the cases have positive ANA, as well as immunoglobulin deposits along the dermoepidermal junction by immunioflourescence studies of the involved skin.


chucksusanandgrace - December 26

Did you post a link to the article, or is it the one you have provided?

The thing about the Rhuematologist is that I have had two in the past that said definitely NO and this one a maybe. I don't want to be diagnosed incorrectly either.

The butterfly rash is there every morning. It does not get worse from being in the sun. It is very mild and covers up with makeup. hmmm



axxie - December 27

Hi again, I did a search on lupus rash and this is what came out.

check out arthritis-symptom (dot com)forward slash lupus forward slash lupus-rash

There is so much information and pictures that you can look it up and see and read info. I am hoping for you that you do not have it, but I'm not a doctor. I can't imagine having fibro and lupus at the same time. Don't we suffer enough!!
Good luck to you and do tell us what if you do or not.

Merry Christmas to you and your family and happy new year.


tnichel - December 28

I've made several post on this Chuck and have been waiting for you to come back. Please look for the prior post you wrote 2 weeks ago. I put a lot of info in that. I have a positive ANA. and I have mild lupus which isn't so mild when I go thru a flare...which I just recovered from. Positive ana could mean many things. Lupus, sjogren's syndrome and other problems. The doc probably checked you ssa and ss-rho. Do you know what those numbers were? I don't have the typical rash on the's on my chest. PLEASE take the time to find your prior post. You're the only person on this site I found who may have lupus. It's been a long,hard battle for me but at least now I know why treating my fms wasn't entirely working.


tnichel - December 28

Also lupus patients can go years w/0 a flare. Stress and sun seem to be the main trigger. If you do have mild may not recognized the symptoms and probably won't until you've had a severe flare. You're doc can somewhat predict an oncoming flare by your ana results. But you will definitely no the difference. Lupus pain to me is 10 times worse so I will never again complain so much about having fms. I don't wish that pain on anyone. Also lupus can cause internal damage which is why you definitely need to keep appointments. And lupus is called the "great imitator" b/c its symptoms are so similar to other autoimmune conditions so you're Rheumy probably doesn't want to give you an official diagnosis. Every time I see my doc it's something different. He also says I have sjogren's syndrome which I take plaquenil for which is also used to treat lupus. Any questions, feel free to e-mail me. I've done a lot of research on this after taking 7 years to get a diagnosis. Also, some people consistently have positive ana tests but don't have an auto-immune condition. That's why you rheumy will order several test to determine if you have lupus or something else.


tnichel - December 28

I keep forgetting stuff. Forgive me. I've been hoping to find someone with a similar situation. But... it's hard to say whether or not it's lupus b/c most symptoms checkers on the web are very vague. And lupus suffers all have different symptoms and they can change fast just like fibro. the pain i get feels like someone is drilling into my joints hurt really bad and often go out(knees &ankles). I get really bad headaches like a fever and have more breathing problems and pains in my upper body.


Rosscow - December 28

I am new to forum. I have just been diagnosed with fibro after suffering 12 years of almost all the symptoms. Been tested for everything just like you probably all have. Yes the only thing that I did test positive for is ANA positive specked pattern. I went through alot of tests and it was the only marker. Very fustrating when you suffer with so much pain and they disregard the test because 5% of population may test positive.
I just want to ask them "why did you take the test if your going to disregard it anyways?"
I've asked to try predisone on a trial basis for possible Lupus but they won't do it. Might do more harm than good. They might be right though.
Regards and hang in there.


mamaduck - December 30

Hello, I also have a positive ANA. I have been fighting with the medical community for 1-1/2 years for acknowledgement of a a recurrence of Sarcoidosis, which I have had since 1983. Lupus was another of the dx they tried to tag me with, but finally, they settled on Fibromyalgia. I don't know much about FMS yet, except my brother has it and has dubbed me "wobbly women" and it certainly fits. I have recently been placed on Savella, which has helped, and sent for hydrotherapy, massage therapy, and physical therapy. Not sure how all this will turn out, but I certainly wish you the best.



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