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Does anyone use Lidoderm patches?
4 Replies
carm - October 17

Does anyone use Lidoderm for bad spots on the body? If so do they seem to help? I was just prescribed them for a bad flare up in my shoulder area. I did ask as a joke if I could put them all over my body which they say no. I was just curious. Also was prescribed a time release non addictive pain med named Ultram ER you take one for 7 days and then one in the morning and one at night after that. What does anyone think that is on Meds? I do realize some of us are trying to live with FM without meds but I can't seem to do it anymore. I don't like taking meds myself but I find that I need to.


barbar - October 18

I have used them but they only provide a local antithetic (I can't spell) and not a systemic pain suppressant like fentanyl. You can't put them all over the body because too much can kill you.


Jeanie - October 18

I have used Lidoderm patches but they didn't help me. But they might help others. It's an experiment everyday to find out what works for us all. I am taking Ultram Er now. But I take it 4 times a day or more if needed. It seems to be helping some, but it doesn't help everything. And you're right I don't like taking meds either but there's a limit that I can take. And they tell me I have a high tolerance pain level.


carm - October 19

Thanks barbar and Jeanie, I just have used the lidoderm on my shoulder region because although I have pain all over it seems to be worst there and I can't sleep. So far I am on Ultram Er 100 once a day and then it will be twice a day after a week. It seems to help so far but I am new at this so sometimes I wonder if it works at first because I want it to so badly. I to have a high pain threshold that is why FM is so scary to me. I wonder what I would be like if I didn't. Anyway thanks again for the response.


barbar - October 19

I also use the electro-stimulator machine and it is wonderful. You attach an electro-stimulator to a spot on your body and let the electicity have at it. First time I did it, it was like a bourbon I.V. Great stuff.



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