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does anyone take this seriously?
6 Replies
anointedfavor - August 16

hi, my name is lisa,and i am 43 years of age. i only recently began to suspect that i have fibromyalgia, based on recurring episodes of flu symptoms, and being extremely tired. i have been dealing with it for about 6 months. i don't know what is more frustrating, not knowing when the symptoms will come, or trying to get others to understand that it is real, and difficult to live with. it is terrible when people think that it is all in your head, but you know that the pain is real.


ibritz - August 17

All of what you listed is frustrating and stressful. I don't know which is worse either. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago, and It has just gotten really bad this summer. If you think you have FM, get a diagnosis from a doctor - the best ones are rheumatologists or physical medicine doctors, then you can get some meds to help with the symptoms. It doesn't make it go away, but at least some days will be tolerable. The Arthritis Foundation has a great book on fibromyalgia. It's pretty informative, and might be a good read for people close to you, of course, just portions at a time, or they may not read it. Good Luck


Fantod - August 17

Hello Lisa - You are certainly not alone in your frustration. Many of the people on this board have encountered the refusal to acknowledge this syndrome from both family and friends. I would like to recommend that you find a rheumotologist in your area that treats FMS. Call your local hospital physician referral service or contact the National Fibromyalgia Association for the name of a fibro-friendly doctor. Having a firm diagnosis is key to gaining some sense of control over your situation. Begin sharing this site with those people who have computer access. It is generally pretty hard for a thinking person to ignore the information on here. Particularly the general discussion area which highlights this lack of empathy from other people on an almost weekly basis. I hope that you will see a rheumotologist soon to be sure you have FMS and not something else. Take care and let us know how you are doing.


Gabbie - August 18

Hi Lisa. I encourage you to see a rheumatologist who believes and treats fibro so you can have the necessary blood tests to rule out any other problems. Fibro is painful and you are not alone when you say people don't understand it because for the most part, we don't look sick. I will say, that this forum can help because those here do understand and are so willing to share their thoughts, suggestions and sympathy for the sometimes awful symptoms. I hope you will visit this site often and "talk" with the many caring people here. I wish you well.


dsterne - November 5

I know how you feel. Sometimes I have a hard time believing the diagnosis myself, and I'm the one with Fibro! It's frustrating when you can't get an clear answer for the cause of the symptoms that you are having.


trans - November 5

Dear Lisa,

You really just summed up fibro in a nutshell. It is an invisible monster and no one on earth can understand unless they have it. Other than my hubby of 36 years and a fibro friend I made in Canada no one gets it and I have had to realize that it is never going to happen.

What I have done is try to be very proactive in my care and keep fighting this one day at a time. This auto-immune disorder has so many symptoms and no 2 people are the same. Lisa, I have a sister your age with 3 kids and I can not image how hard it would be to be dealing with all of it at one time. I am 57 now and I wish I knew at 43 of better ways to manage fibro. It is a challenge that we have to be strong enough to deal with everyday without anyone around us knowing. I hope things get better for you and may God Bless.


Anne Hillebrand - November 6

This site lists symptoms and what to do about them.



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