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does anyone take mobic?
5 Replies
slb71 - December 4

several weeks ago i had carpal tunnel surgery and was given the anti-inflammatory mobic. i was feeling better than i had felt for a long long time. not total relief from pain, and other symptoms but much better. anyway, i have since run out of mobic and feel absolutely horrible. i feel worse than i did before i started taking it. i have had 2 days where i could hardly move around. i hurt from head to toe.

the dr that did my surgery won't refill because he only prescribed it for my hand and my nuero won't prescribe it without seeing her first which is in 2 weeks. so i guess i'll feel this way for two more weeks?

i haven't noticed anyone mentioning mobic on here (maybe i've just missed it) and was just wondering if anyone else finds relief from it or another kind of prescription anti-inflammatory?

i am still pretty new to all of this so any opinions or advice is much appreciated!


Fantod - December 4

Yes, I take Mobic but it for my rotten knees. I have advanced osteoarthitis in both knees. I take 7.5 mg a day since I can not tolerate a higher dose. I'm in my mid 50's and need total replacements on both knees.

I'd like to suggest that you try Curamin for pain. It is a spice but for this application, it comes in a highly purified form in capsules. I use a brand made by Terry Naturally which you can find online or in a good health food store. I also have degenerative disc disease which is generally a nusiance. I really notice a big difference in my overall pain level without Curamin.

I'm sorry that you are not feeling well. I had the very same reaction after foot surgery and being on Darvon for a few days. I was in so much pain after stopping Darvon that I could not figure out what to do. It will pass.

There is no inflammation associated with FMS so Mobic is not the answer. And, it is really not good for your stomach or liver. Take care.


slb71 - December 4

i was on darvocet also but not as long as the mobic. i was taking 15 mg a day .i also have osteoarthritis in my neck so maybe that was part of my relief as my neck hurts all the time. you had suggested curamin once before to me but i have yet to try it. i'm sure i will now.

i am 39 and feel like i'm 80 a lot of the time. ugh!!! i hate it!


fibrofog - December 4

I take 15mg of mobic daily. It helps


Fantod - December 4

I forgot to mention that you should consider adding Malic Acid for twitching and cramps. Malic Acid comes in capsules and is also available at the health food store. It works well for those symptoms.

I feel like I'm 90 a lot. I have a will of iron so I just try and work my way through it the best way possible. I figure I'll live to 100 on spite alone...


slb71 - December 6

i love your attitude fantod!!i try to focus on the positive but sometimes need to vent. malic acid is another great suggestion. thanks.

i know i work way too many hours on my feet (8-12hrs a day) which is a big part of my problem but i am a single mom so off to work i go!!



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