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Does anyone still believe in GOD?
66 Replies
Canada17 - November 23

After re-reading your original post and taking into consideration your most replies to what people have been responding I've come to the following conclusion:

Your revelation that your OP was a joke seems to have more to do with the fact that you are unsatisfied with the fact that someone didn't offer up some patron saint for you to pray to to heal you of your FM than that you think we're all a bunch of bible thumpers pushing our religion on you. I thought this thread was about God, so why would people not talk about God?

If you *were* a very religious person, then you would know that God only gives you what you can handle, and that God has a special purpose and reason for everything. Why, if you were such a religious person, would you forsake God? God did not forsake you, He just didn't heal you. And yet you go on to say you don't believe in Him, even those who "hate" Him, believe He is there, just that He is not listening.

What makes you so special that you should be cured of your FM but not all the rest of us? If a parent gives something to one child, every other child would expect it too.


martyr - November 23

No, I'm NOT religious, and NO I don't believe in patron saints. But, I do believe you need to unknot your knickers, you're going to give yourself a fibro flare!!!!


Canada17 - November 23

What I don't understand is why you are contradicting yourself. If you don't believe in patron saints, then why did you ask for one? Oh, right, because you were joking. Ok, got it.

Now that we have established that you don't actually care if anyone believes in God, perhaps you should remove yourself from the discussion as there are a great number of people on here who do LOVE God, who are religious, and who are probably praying for you.

As for giving myself a fibro-flare - do you expect to incite this kind of reaction out of me? Or are you actually concerned for my well-being? Your insensitivity on the subject of God has me believing the latter is probably untrue.

Don't be patronizing. I can handle myself.


martyr - November 23

oh ok, that makes me feel so happy for you:) And, btw, may the peace of the lord be with you!!


Canada17 - November 23

Thank you for your kind words, martyr, however insincere they may be.


hesmyeverything - November 23

Ok, guys, let's refer back to my earlier post, that god sees us as children, and a lot of times we act like anyone listening?? LOL, just trying to lighten the mood a little.

God said to let our lights shine, maybe we should ALL try that..we can say anything we like, but sometimes the tone we use, doesn't match what we're saying....

Please don't argue to be mean to each other. We are all in the same boat here, we have that in common, let's just think positive thoughts and pray for physical strength for one another. :)


martyr - November 23

hesmyeverything - sounds good to me :)


Noca - November 23

God wasn't lying when he said we were made in his image. We are generally selfish and greedy and so is God. He didn't get enough praise from his creation of Angels(they predated us) that he had to create an entire another race, human beings, to worship him at the expense of our ENDLESS suffering.

Worse yet, if we don't worship him, we are sent to hell for eternity. I cannot think of a more selfish being in this universe than God. Another selfish act of his is that he didn't care about those who DON'T want to exist forever in Heaven nor Hell such as myself. The only escape from existing forever is to have never been born in the first place, a solution which i cannot use.

I could write an entire 1000 page novel on how much I hate God and how selfish of a being he is, but I'll save that for another time when my pain allows.


hesmyeverything - November 23


I am so sorry for what you're going through, it obviously has had an adverse effect on you, and i am sorry for that.

I don' think a god who came to earth in human form, and endured the pain and torture inflicted on him, and took all our sins onto himself, and was nailed to a cross, to ensure we would spend eternity in paradise, should be called selfish. Dying for someone else is the most selfless thing that can be done.

If he were really cruel, he could force us to love and obey him, but he doesn't, the one thing he gave us was free will, to decide on our own. I think he deserves our worship for dying for us, when he didn't need to, he could have called angels to release him so he wouldn't have to have been crucified, but he didn't. he could've saved himself, and left us to suffer in hell, but that was not his will, his will is for all of us to be saved and go to heaven with him. I love him because of what he did for me, not because i'm forced to, I worship him because he died for me, and loved me that much, that he gave his life for mine.

I'm sure something has happened to you, to cause you to feel the way you do. It sounds as if you wished you had never been born, and that makes me sad. I'm still going to pray for you, whether you want me to or not.


Noca - November 23

hesmyeverything, why should I thank God for fixing a problem HE MADE(dying on the cross for our sins that he created us with)? Its like being thankful that I said sorry and fix your car after I just smashed it into pieces.

As for Christ's death, there has been people who have died worse deaths for other reasons as well as for those they love. Its nothing special only difference is, the other people who died horrible deaths were human and not a god.


Noca - November 23

One last thing for when you said "If he were really cruel, he could force us to love and obey him, but he doesn't, the one thing he gave us was free will, to decide on our own."

He doesnt really give us an option to love him. He says love me or ill send you to Hell to rot for enternity. Its like me saying "sure you can say 'no" to me but I will have to shoot you with this gun if you choose 'no'" Is that really a choice? No it isnt.

Gods are fragile things; they may be killed by a whif of science or a dose of common sense.


hesmyeverything - November 23

My god is NOT fragile, he's also not dead, he's a living god. Science has NO prayer of disproving him, as long as they have tried, and as for common sense, you might want to try a hearty dose.

It's obvious you just want to fight, and i'm not going there, my god is real,you can choose to believe or not, if you hate him that much, why do you continue to post? I actually feel sorry for you, you are hurting deep down inside, and just feel like attacking everyone on this site, it's a defense mechanism, i see it all the time. Still praying for you, you need him in your life more than anyone i've come in contact with.


Canada17 - November 24

If a dose of common sense would kill a God, then why does religion go back to the dawn of time? Or has history been an example of nonsense?

Now I could be wrong, but when God created us in His image, that was before Eve ate from the tree of knowledge. Which she did so by encouragement of the devil disguised as a snake.

To say that God made us selfish and greedy is not correct. God made us naive which enabled Eve to trust in the Devil - the Devil tricked us and thus made us greedy and selfish; God "allowed" us the choice.

Maybe you might argue that God could have stopped Eve from eating the apple, but I think the argument is that He would have been selfish in doing that. He would have taken away our will to keep us loving Him.

Considering how many are persecuted in the name of God because they don't "believe". Think of the Pagans, the Jews, 9/11. Millions of innocent lives lost in the name of God.

But does that make God, or humans, evil?

We have a choice, in everything we do. We have the choice to be kind and compassionate, or mean and inconsiderate. We have the choice to love or to hate, to persecute or forgive. We have the choice to transform our pain into something positive and beautiful or to allow it to make us feel angry and alone. And we all struggle.

There is a very good reason why the symbol for Fibromyalgia is a purple butterfly - because it represents the transformation of our pain into a beautiful thing.

If you can't believe in God, believe in that.


Noca - November 24

hesmyeverything so your allowed to say your opinion of God but I'm not allowed to say mine? I'm not picking at everyone on this site, merely stating my opinion thats all.


Noca - November 24

hesmyeverything, as much as my lack of faith in God insults you, your faith in God insults me when you push your faith on myself.


Canada17 - November 24

There is no reason for anyone to get insulted on here.

Noca, hesmyeverything was trying to express her views on God and I don't know why anyone would be insulted by someone saying that they'll pray for you.

It's kind of like saying "Merry Christmas", does that insult you because you don't believe in God? Since Christmas represents the birth for Christ and given your openness about hating God.

None of the comments on here were meant to insult merely to bring attention to important facts for and against the notion of believing in God.

You are more than entitled to feel the way you do and express it, but you can't expect people who believe in God to not express how they feel on a thread dedicated to God. But that doesn't mean they are "pushing" their views on you. If you don't believe in God, don't follow this thread and you won't be insulted.



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